www.PainFunStore.com | List of Products http://www.painfunstore.com/ Current product information from www.PainFunStore.com en-US Copyright 2018 PainFunStore.com Wed, 23 May 2018 07:28:52 -0500 Pain ~1.8" Mini-Figure with Stand: Naruto Shippuden - Uzumaki Nindoden [Legend of Nin-do] Figure Series (Japanese Import) http://www.painfunstore.com/pain-1.html <p>Naruto Shippuden is out with a new series of beautifully made collectible figures. The Naruto Shippuden - Uzumaki Nindoden Figure Series is created for the ultimate Naruto fans in mind. These cheerfully colored super deformed figures are going to add a tint of personality to your territory and capture the attention of everyone who sees them. The series is made up of 7 figures(EACH SOLD SEPARATELY): Jiraiya, Kakashi, Naruto, Pain, Sasuke, Shikamaru, Suigetsu. Each figure comes with a ~0.2" mini-stand.</p> <p>Originally designed for and sold to the Japanese market only, this product was imported from Japan, but like many U.S. products, it's made in China. Recommend for age 13 or up only. <b style="font-size: 90%; font-family: bold;">NOTE: The original package came with one candy tablet, but was removed during importation of the product.</b></p> <p> <b>To purchase other figures in this series, search for: </b><br/> TOYSDIVA-BCCC34035 (<b>Jiraiya</b>)<br/> TOYSDIVA-BCCC34028 (<b>Kakashi</b>)<br/> TOYSDIVA-BCCC34011 (<b>Naruto</b>)<br/> TOYSDIVA-BCCC34004 (<b>Pain</b>)<br/> TOYSDIVA-BCCCSX8 (<b>Sasuke - Black Eyes</b>)<br/> TOYSDIVA-BCCCSC1 (<b>Sasuke - Red Eyes</b>)<br/> TOYSDIVA-BCCCSB4 (<b>Shikamaru</b>)<br/> TOYSDIVA-BCCCS977 (<b>Suigetsu</b>)<br/> </p> <br clear="all"/> http://www.painfunstore.com/pain-1.html Campho-Phenique Cold Sore Treatment with Drying Action, Maximum Strength Pain Reliever and Antiseptic Gel, .23-Ounce Tubes (Pack of 4) http://www.painfunstore.com/campho-phenique-cold-sore-treatment-with-drying-action-maximum-strength-pain-reliever-and-antiseptic-gel.html Cold Sore treatment with drying action http://www.painfunstore.com/campho-phenique-cold-sore-treatment-with-drying-action-maximum-strength-pain-reliever-and-antiseptic-gel.html VW CURE FOR GAS PAINS TEE - Small http://www.painfunstore.com/vw-cure-for-gas-pains-tee-small.html 100% ringspun cotton tee. The best way to beat rising gas prices is to reduce the amount of gas you buy. That is why the Jetta TDI is the cure for Gas Pains. Less trips to the pump. Spread the word. City green tee with screen printed logo. http://www.painfunstore.com/vw-cure-for-gas-pains-tee-small.html No Pain, (No Gain) http://www.painfunstore.com/no-pain-no-gain.html No Pain, (No Gain) http://www.painfunstore.com/no-pain-no-gain.html Freedom from Back Pain [VHS] http://www.painfunstore.com/freedom-from-back-pain-vhs.html Freedom from Back Pain [VHS] http://www.painfunstore.com/freedom-from-back-pain-vhs.html Skate Rock Life of Pain (DVD) http://www.painfunstore.com/skate-rock-life-of-pain-dvd.html The wildest skateboard and punk rock tour to hit West Coast in years is headed straight to your living. Were talkin about the Thrasher Skate Rocks Life of Pain skate DVD. Re-live all the mayhem through the eyes of the bands and skaters who pillage and plundered (and ROCKED!!!) every town they went to. Bad Shit, Peter Hewitt, Chris Pfanner, SHED, Kilgore, Sam Hitz, and hella more rock this 2-disc package. Also includes a FREE audio CD of Thrashers Skate Rock Volume 13, Down for Life, and tons of other extra bonus features. http://www.painfunstore.com/skate-rock-life-of-pain-dvd.html Disney's Plush Large Hercules Pain 6 Inches http://www.painfunstore.com/disney-s-plush-large-hercules-pain-6-inches.html Disney's Plush Large Hercules Pain 6 Inches http://www.painfunstore.com/disney-s-plush-large-hercules-pain-6-inches.html Piano Sonata / Mestiere / Trasumanar http://www.painfunstore.com/piano-sonata-mestiere-trasumanar.html Piano Sonata / Mestiere / Trasumanar http://www.painfunstore.com/piano-sonata-mestiere-trasumanar.html The Twelve Pains Of Christmas (LP Version) http://www.painfunstore.com/the-twelve-pains-of-christmas-lp-version.html The Twelve Pains Of Christmas (LP Version) http://www.painfunstore.com/the-twelve-pains-of-christmas-lp-version.html Pain/Wrongside of Beautiful http://www.painfunstore.com/pain-wrongside-of-beautiful.html Pain/Wrongside of Beautiful http://www.painfunstore.com/pain-wrongside-of-beautiful.html Sombra Cool Therapy Natural Pain Relieving Gel 8 oz http://www.painfunstore.com/sombra-cool-therapy-natural-pain-relieving-gel-8-oz.html The new gel provides controlled cooling without freezing or irritation and has exceptional glide for point therapy. The cool therapy gel is good for acute conditions or injuries that have just occurred, whereas the original warm therapy gel is good for chronic conditions and basic aches and pains. http://www.painfunstore.com/sombra-cool-therapy-natural-pain-relieving-gel-8-oz.html Pain Is Good Batch #114 Jamaican Pineapple Salsa, 15.5 fl oz http://www.painfunstore.com/pain-is-good-batch-114-jamaican-pineapple-salsa-15.html In the jungles of Jamaica, far from the soft white beaches and luxury resorts, there's a small shack with a small garden. In the garden, Scotch Bonnet and Habanero peppers are grown. In the shack, jerk sauce is mixed with them, and that was the birth of Batch #114 Hot Sauce. Now Batch #114 Salsa is born. The same strange voodoo begins to take hold of those who eat it, consuming body, mind and soul in a fiery hypnotic euphoria. In this jar is the taste that says, flavor, heat, and Jamaica. PAIN IS GOOD. http://www.painfunstore.com/pain-is-good-batch-114-jamaican-pineapple-salsa-15.html Rite Aid Infants Pain Relief, Cherry 1 fl oz http://www.painfunstore.com/rite-aid-infants-pain-relief-cherry-1-fl-oz.html Infants Pain Relief<BR>Concentrated Suspension Drops<BR>Fever Reducer<BR>Pain Reliever<BR>Aspirin Free<BR>Ibuprofen Free<BR>Alcohol Free<BR>Use only with enclosed dropper http://www.painfunstore.com/rite-aid-infants-pain-relief-cherry-1-fl-oz.html The Miracle Ball Method: Relieve Your Pain, Reshape Your Body, Reduce Your Stress [2 Miracle Balls Included] http://www.painfunstore.com/the-miracle-ball-method-relieve-your-pain-reshape-your-body-reduce-your-stress-2-miracle-balls-included.html Take two-they're small. And they perform miracles. Suffering a career-ending, potentially crippling injury to her back and right leg, a young dancer named Elaine Petrone tried everyone from orthopedists to yogis to turn her pain and prognosis around. Nothing worked-until she healed herself through a unique program of therapy and exercise based around the use of two small, squishy balls. From there she turned her passion into a mission that is helping the thousands of people who visit her classes conquer pain, stress, and injury.<br><br>Now, for relief for sufferers everywhere, comes <i>The Miracle Ball Method</i>, a healing kit containing two miracle balls and a fully illustrated book, all packaged together in an attention-getting clear plastic cylinder. The work itself is simple. Take a sore back: By resting your aching back on the grapefruit-sized balls and letting your body sink into them, you're unworking the muscles that hurt. Pain and tension drain out of the body. Petrone shows how proper breathing (which she demonstrates) works in conjunction with a range of unexercises that call for placing the balls under the back, head, knees, hip, elbow-wherever there's pain-and then resting, rolling, or rotating on them. She points out that relief can come in surprising ways: Lower back pain may be helped by placing the ball under your neck, or a bad knee might be helped by hip work. It's a revolutionary program of relief, from head to toe. http://www.painfunstore.com/the-miracle-ball-method-relieve-your-pain-reshape-your-body-reduce-your-stress-2-miracle-balls-included.html PAIN ZONE 3/OZ ROLL-ON (6/PK) http://www.painfunstore.com/pain-zone-3-oz-roll-on-6-pk.html PAIN ZONE 3/OZ ROLL-ON (6/PK) http://www.painfunstore.com/pain-zone-3-oz-roll-on-6-pk.html A Place of Healing: Wrestling with the Mysteries of Suffering, Pain, and God's Sovereignty http://www.painfunstore.com/a-place-of-healing-wrestling-with-the-mysteries-of-suffering-pain-and-god-s-sovereignty.html <DIV><p>In this eloquent account of her current struggle with physical pain, Joni Eareckson Tada offers her perspective on divine healing, Gods purposes, and what it means to live with joy.</p> <p>Over four decades ago, a diving accident left Joni a quadriplegic. Today, she faces a new battle: unrelenting pain. The ongoing urgency of this season in her life has caused Joni to return to foundational questions about suffering and Gods will.</p> <p>A Place of Healing is not an ivory-tower treatise on suffering. Its an intimate look into the life of a mature woman of God. Whether readers are enduring physical pain, financial loss, or relational grief, Joni invites them to process their suffering with her. Together, they will navigate the distance between Gods magnificent yes and heartbreaking noand find new hope for thriving in-between. <BR> </p></DIV> http://www.painfunstore.com/a-place-of-healing-wrestling-with-the-mysteries-of-suffering-pain-and-god-s-sovereignty.html Labor & Delivery: Experts on Birth DVD (New Release) Learn about Triage, Timing Contractions, Stages of Labor, Transition, Birth, Newborn Procedures, Childbirth Movie, Prenatal Education, Pain Management, Coping Skills http://www.painfunstore.com/labor-delivery-experts-on-birth-dvd-new-release-learn-about-triage-timing-contractions-stages-of-labor-transition-birth-newborn-procedures-childbirth-movie-prenatal-education-pain-management-coping-skills.html 97 minute motion film narrated by professional childbirth educator and doula, Becky Rasmussen. Includes exclusive interviews with medical professionals such as Kari Lawrence, M.D., Douglas Allen D.O., and Roberta Ward C.N.M., F.N.P. Sports Psychologist, Seth Quealy address the dads-to-be on how to effectively coach a laboring woman. Additionally, he addresses mental exercises for women to develop confidence and prepare for labor.Labor & Delivery: Experts on Birth provides photos, diagrams, illustrations, and actual birth footage that allow couples to become more familiar with the anatomy, physiology, and environment of the modern birthing process.Two couples share their contrasting but inspiring natural birth experience including what went wrong and what went right.Couples gain guidance on relaxation methods, breathing techniques, birthing positions, pain coping measure, birth options, and communicating with the birth team. http://www.painfunstore.com/labor-delivery-experts-on-birth-dvd-new-release-learn-about-triage-timing-contractions-stages-of-labor-transition-birth-newborn-procedures-childbirth-movie-prenatal-education-pain-management-coping-skills.html Miracle Pain Relief-The Gentle Power of Bowen For Family of Friends http://www.painfunstore.com/miracle-pain-relief-the-gentle-power-of-bowen-for-family-of-friends.html Miracle Pain Relief-The Gentle Power of Bowen For Family of Friends http://www.painfunstore.com/miracle-pain-relief-the-gentle-power-of-bowen-for-family-of-friends.html Veterinarian's Best Aspirin Free Aches & Pains Formula Chewable Tablets, 50 Count http://www.painfunstore.com/veterinarian-s-best-aspirin-free-aches-pains-formula-chewable-tablets-50-count.html Aspirin-Free Aches & Pains formula helps sore, stiff muscles that result from regular exercise and normal daily activity. Contains White Willow Bark, with aspirin-free salicin, Glucosamine, MSM, Bromelain and Yucca to help maintain normal, healthy joint function and flexibility. 50 chewable tablets. http://www.painfunstore.com/veterinarian-s-best-aspirin-free-aches-pains-formula-chewable-tablets-50-count.html Take Only for Pain http://www.painfunstore.com/take-only-for-pain.html Take Only for Pain http://www.painfunstore.com/take-only-for-pain.html Baby Orajel Teething Pain Medicine .33 oz Gel http://www.painfunstore.com/baby-orajel-teething-pain-medicine.html Baby Orajel Teething Pain Medicine is a unique gel formula for children 4 months of age and older. This cherry-flavored gel helps temporarily relieve sore gums due to teething. http://www.painfunstore.com/baby-orajel-teething-pain-medicine.html GSI Super-Quality Pair Of All-in-One Sauna Slimming Heating Waist Belts with Deluxe Computerized Temperature/Timer Control System - For Weight Loss, Pain Relief, Stress and Fatigue - Great Health & Beauty Aids http://www.painfunstore.com/gsi-super-quality-pair-of-all-in-one-sauna-slimming-heating-waist-belts-with-deluxe-computerized-temperature-timer-control-system-for-weight-loss-pain-relief-stress-and-fatigue-great-health-beauty-aids.html Newest Technology From Our World Class Designers at GSI, Features an All-In-one Sauna Slimming Belt, and is a Must for All Weight Loss Programs and Physical Fitness. Fashionable, Stylish and Comfortable, it will produce the desired Effects and Exceed Your Expectations. Easy, User-Friendly and Affordable, It is a Great Alternative to Other Pricier Models out there! http://www.painfunstore.com/gsi-super-quality-pair-of-all-in-one-sauna-slimming-heating-waist-belts-with-deluxe-computerized-temperature-timer-control-system-for-weight-loss-pain-relief-stress-and-fatigue-great-health-beauty-aids.html Pain Management TENS/Muscle Stimulator Combo Unit, Quad Channel, 6 Modes, Fully Digital, Model Twin-Stim Plus 2nd Edition http://www.painfunstore.com/pain-management-tens-muscle-stimulator-combo-unit-quad-channel-6-modes-fully-digital-model-twin-stim-plus-2nd-edition.html <b>Escape from Chronic Pain without Drugs!</b> This unit is easy to use and effective. The Twin Stim 2nd edtion is an exceptional Portable Digital TENS & Muscle Stimulation combination unit. It gives the user the choice of 3 modes of TENS and 3 Modes of EMS. This dual TENS unit and EMS unit combines two effective therapies in one device. It is extremely popular unit due to its versatility. The Twin Stim Plus unit features include, Quad Channel, 6 modes, Timer, Patient Compliance Meter, New Stronger 100mA output, safety amplitude cover, sturdy metal belt clip, rubber side railings for maximum handling. <p>Use this unit for Acute and Chronic Pain, Muscle Rehabilitation, Muscle Atrophy, and Toning. So whether your pain is originating from nerve or muscle, the Twin Stim Plus unit is an effective solution. <p>Package includes: Twin Stim Digital TENS/EMS Stimulator Unit, 2 Pair of Lead Wires (pin style), 8 Self-Stick Hypoallergenic pre-gelled re-usable TENS Electrode Pads, 4AA Batteries, Hard Plastic Carrying Case, Sturdy belt clip, Instruction Booklet, & 1 Year Manufacturers Warranty..<p>TENS Units are used to control Chronic and Acute pain including Rheumatoid and Osteo-arthritis, Back pain, Menstrual Pain, Labour Pain, Peripheral Nerve Injuries, Shingles, Headache and Migraine, Cancer Pain, Trigeminal Neuralgia, Phantom Limb Pain, Sports Injuries, Sciatica, Aching Joints, Post Operative Pain, Muscular Pain, Whiplash and Neck Injury and many other painful conditions.<p>Electronic Muscle Stimulators (EMS) are used for both medical treatment and cosmetic purposes (conditioning and toning). Medical conditions treated by Muscle Stimulation include: Muscle Spasms, Long-term Disuse after Fracture or Prolonged Bed Rest, Strengthening for Joint or Muscle Injury, Immobilized Limbs, Atrophy Prevention, Bell's Palsy, Stress Incontinence, Muscle Weakness, Improving Muscle Tone, Muscle Spasticity following a Stroke, and Personal Fitness Training. http://www.painfunstore.com/pain-management-tens-muscle-stimulator-combo-unit-quad-channel-6-modes-fully-digital-model-twin-stim-plus-2nd-edition.html Survivors: Reflections on Doubt, Pain, and Self-Esteem [VHS] http://www.painfunstore.com/survivors-reflections-on-doubt-pain-and-self-esteem-vhs.html Contains a discussion guide plus five interviews of teenagers talking frankly about the things they struggle with--and the faith, hope, and love theyre finding. http://www.painfunstore.com/survivors-reflections-on-doubt-pain-and-self-esteem-vhs.html The TMJ Healing Plan: Ten Steps to Relieving Headaches, Neck Pain and Jaw Disorders (Positive Options for Health) http://www.painfunstore.com/the-tmj-healing-plan-ten-steps-to-relieving-headaches-neck-pain-and-jaw-disorders-positive-options-for-health.html <div><span><b>Your Symptoms Won't Change Unless You Do!</b></span></div><div><span><b></b></span></div><div></div><div><span></span><b> This book is the ONLY one on the market that will help you with all 10 steps</b> to identify and eliminate common causes and contributors to headaches, neck pain and jaw disorders commonly known as TMJ. Physical therapist, Cynthia Peterson, wants to help you avoid costly and irreversible treatments and teaches you healthy habits for self-care and prevention, offering tips on posture, tongue placement, and simple physical therapy exercises that can reduce, relieve, and even eliminate many problematic symptoms. She also offers guidance on where to turn when more help is needed.</div><div><span><b></b></span></div><div><span><b> Of all the joints in your body, there are only 2 that most doctors refuse to treat and most insurance companies refuse to cover. </b>If you guessed jaw joints, you are correct . Those jaw joints are technically referred to as your TMJ's and problems with them can includesymptoms such as headaches; painful jaw joints; difficulty opening or closing the mouth; clicking or locking jaws; ear pain, stuffiness, or ringing; neck, shoulder, or facial pain; tooth grinding or clenching; and morning jaw aches.</span>Though these complaints are common, the average sufferer sees numerous doctors and undergoes several treatments often with little relief. While there is no one-size-fits-all remedy, this book offers safe, proven tools you can begin using right away to improve your condition.</div><div> Drawing on >20 years as a physical therapist, training in head, neck and jaw pain, and work with dental and medical experts, Cynthia Peterson explains a 10-step process that addresses the root causes and contributing factors of TMJ disorders. Her simple practices and exercises allow you to replace hurtful habits with the healthy ones necessary for long-term relief. You learn to<br><ul><li>Lighten the load on your jaw</li><li>Correct your posture as you stand, sit, and sleep</li><li>Breathe and swallow properly</li><li>Soothe head and neck pain</li><li>Reduce stress and exercise with ease</li><li>Save money by avoiding or reducing costly treatment</li><li>More than 50 photos and illustrations</li><li>Examples</li><li>Information on getting medical care and choosing specialists</li><li>Helpful for everyone with a head, neck and jaw. </li><li>More reviews and helpful resources tmjhealingplan.com</li></ul></div> http://www.painfunstore.com/the-tmj-healing-plan-ten-steps-to-relieving-headaches-neck-pain-and-jaw-disorders-positive-options-for-health.html Body Back Buddy Classic Trigger Point Massager - Pain Relief Self Massage Tool - The Best Self Massage Tool - with a 12 page instruction booklet http://www.painfunstore.com/body-back-buddy-classic-trigger-point-massager-pain-relief-self-massage-tool-the-best-self-massage-tool-with-a-12-page-instruction-booklet.html Our original design, the Body Back Buddy Classic Trigger Point Massager is the granddaddy of massage tools. Well known for its ease of use and eleven therapy knobs, the Classic's generous curves reach farther and allow the greatest leveraged pressure of all our models. Larger and thicker than our other models, it comfortably accommodates large framed individuals. If you want deep, powerful and strong pressure, the Body Back Buddy Classic Trigger Point Massager is the tool for you. Overall length is 27 inches. Comes with a free 12 page instruction booklet. http://www.painfunstore.com/body-back-buddy-classic-trigger-point-massager-pain-relief-self-massage-tool-the-best-self-massage-tool-with-a-12-page-instruction-booklet.html Johnson & Johnson 23708 1oz Pain Relief Protct Neosporin Max Strength + http://www.painfunstore.com/johnson-johnson-23708-1oz-pain-relief-protct-neosporin-max-strength.html Antiseptics Ointments Creams - First Aid Type: Antibiotic Ointment Container Size: 1 oz. http://www.painfunstore.com/johnson-johnson-23708-1oz-pain-relief-protct-neosporin-max-strength.html Pain in Lower Back Ice and Hot Wrap by Elasto Gel SMALL/MEDIUM http://www.painfunstore.com/pain-in-lower-back-ice-and-hot-wrap-by-elasto-gel-small-medium.html Many of us have pain in the lower back. The Elasto-Gel Lumbar Wrap was designed for 20 to 40 minutes of dry hot or gentle cold therapy for sharp back pain or everyday aches. The flexible hook-and-loop closures let you move freely while wearing the wrap, specially shaped to fit your lower back. The sturdy gel padding keeps its flexibility from 250 degrees Fahrenheit down to -20 degrees. The latex-free, nitrile-free pad doesn't dry out or leak if punctured. It conforms to your back at -20 degrees Fahrenheit, 250 degrees, or anything in-between. Use the lumbar wrap as an aid with professional therapy, for minor muscle aches and pains, or for left back pain. The Lycra cloth cover can be removed for washing. The plastic cover inside makes the pad waterproof and easy to disinfect. Add a wet cloth between the hot pad and cloth cover for a moist heat. Heat the wrap in the microwave, oven, or microwave oven; chill it in the freezer. Either way, it's easy-to-use and waterproof, ideal for aiding even lower left back pain. SIZE INFO Sm/Med for waist sizes 24 - 36 in http://www.painfunstore.com/pain-in-lower-back-ice-and-hot-wrap-by-elasto-gel-small-medium.html Children's Tylenol Fever Reducer & Pain Reliever, Fruit Flavor, Ages 2-11 - 60 Chewable Tablets http://www.painfunstore.com/children-s-tylenol-fever-reducer-pain-reliever-fruit-flavor-ages-2-11-60-chewable-tablets.html Children's Tylenol Fever Reducer & Pain Reliever, Fruit Flavor, Ages 2-11 - 60 Chewable Tablets http://www.painfunstore.com/children-s-tylenol-fever-reducer-pain-reliever-fruit-flavor-ages-2-11-60-chewable-tablets.html Professional Strength Kank a Soft Brush Tooth/Mouth Pain Gel - 0.07 oz (2 ml), 6 Pieces http://www.painfunstore.com/mouth-pain-gel-0.html INDICATIONS: New! Professional Strength Kanka Soft Brush Tooth/Mouth Pain Gel Pleasant Tasting Formula. For Tooth & Gum Pain Toothaches, Brace/Denture Irritation, Gum Discomfort, Canker Sores. http://www.painfunstore.com/mouth-pain-gel-0.html Tylenol Childrens Fever Reducer Pain Reliever 80 mg Meltaways Bubblegum Burst Flavor, 30 tablets (Pack of 3) http://www.painfunstore.com/tylenol-childrens-fever-reducer-pain-reliever-80-mg-meltaways-bubblegum-burst-flavor-30-tablets-pack-of-3.html Tylenol Childrens Fever Reducer Pain Reliever 80 mg Meltaways Bubblegum Burst Flavor, 30 tablets (Pack of 3) http://www.painfunstore.com/tylenol-childrens-fever-reducer-pain-reliever-80-mg-meltaways-bubblegum-burst-flavor-30-tablets-pack-of-3.html Lime Gold Metal Flake Testors Enamel Plastic Model Pain http://www.painfunstore.com/lime-gold-metal-flake-testors-enamel-plastic-model-pain.html Enamel plastic model paint. Flammable, must be shipped parcel post. CHOCKING HAZARD - CONTAINS SMALL PARTS - NOT FOR CHILDREN UNDER 3 http://www.painfunstore.com/lime-gold-metal-flake-testors-enamel-plastic-model-pain.html BIOFREEZE Pain Relieving Spray Gel, 4-Ounce Bottle http://www.painfunstore.com/biofreeze-pain-relieving-spray-gel-4-ounce-bottle.html Deep Penetrating, Long Lasting Pain Relief From: Arthritis, Sore Muscles & Joints, and Back Pain.<BR>Greaseless <BR>Stainless <BR>Vanishing Scent<BR>Cryotherapy - The Cold Method<BR>Pain Relief That Works<BR>Formulated for authorized distribution through Hands-On Health Professional for the patients, clients & athletes under their care.<BR>Questions or Comments? 1-800-246-3733<BR>Made in the USA, No Animal Testing http://www.painfunstore.com/biofreeze-pain-relieving-spray-gel-4-ounce-bottle.html Yoga Heals Your Back: 10-Minute Routines that End Back and Neck Pain http://www.painfunstore.com/yoga-heals-your-back-10-minute-routines-that-end-back-and-neck-pain.html Simple, quick yoga routines that stop back, shoulder, and neck pain for good! Back pain is the number one reason people stay home from work, and the best way to help chronic back pain is with exercise. Yoga, with its gentle stretching and breathing, is one of the most effective ways to combat back pain, along with reducing stress and improving overall fitness. http://www.painfunstore.com/yoga-heals-your-back-10-minute-routines-that-end-back-and-neck-pain.html SerraPup-For Pain In Dogs http://www.painfunstore.com/serrapup-for-pain-in-dogs.html SerraPup is for all dogs that are having chronic pain. It was designed to provide to them an extremely powerful, pain relief supplement which may help improve their quality of life and perhaps their longevity as well. Combined with our money back guarantee, we know this product will be just the thing for which you have been searching for a long time. After reading the information below, you will be very impressed by the obvious amount of research and time that that has been spent in developing this exciting supplement. Our active ingredient is Serratiopeptidase which is a product of the silkworm. There is no absolute scientific data supporting the uses of Serrapeptase, but the internet is full or personal letters and even testimonials of other pet owners stating their own observations regarding its effect. The non-steroidal, anti-inflammatory effects have been reported to be very dramatic and have the apparent effect of Advil or Motrin without the stomach upset of these. All of our supplements are produced at a US licensed, FDA approved lab. They are doubly, factory sealed for your pet's protection. This product is intended for long term use for chronic pain in dogs. As a dietary supplement give:1-Small breeds less than 22 pounds 1 capsule a day.2-Medium breeds between 22 pounds & 66 pounds up to 2 capsules a day.3-Large breeds above 66 pounds up to 3 capsules a day.We recommend a double dose for the first two weeks in order to obtain quick therapeutic blood levels. Serrapeptase should be given on an empty stomach for one (1) hour before and after dosing in order to maximize absorption. It is conceivable to under dose, but it is difficult to overdose with this supplement. Do not exceed recommended dose. Should unusual rash or bleeding occur, discontinue immediately. Do not give to animals that are on a chronic aspirin or ibuprophen regime at the recommendation of your veterinarian. As with all dietary supplements, individual results may vary. http://www.painfunstore.com/serrapup-for-pain-in-dogs.html Extreme Pain Protecting Fans Tee http://www.painfunstore.com/extreme-pain-protecting-fans-tee.html Slim cut, 4.3 oz. pre-shrunk tee. Constructed of 100% combed cotton jersey with the signature neck imprint on the back. http://www.painfunstore.com/extreme-pain-protecting-fans-tee.html Muscles: Testing and Function, with Posture and Pain: Includes a Bonus Primal Anatomy CD-ROM (Kendall, Muscles) http://www.painfunstore.com/muscles-testing-and-function-with-posture-and-pain-includes-a-bonus-primal-anatomy-cd-rom-kendall-muscles.html <DIV><P>This renowned classic provides unparalleled coverage of manual muscle testing, plus evaluation and treatment of faulty and painful postural conditions. The thoroughly updated Fifth Edition is completely reorganized and has new, expanded treatment and exercise sections in each chapter. Other features include a new section on post-polio syndrome, additional case studies comparing Guillain-Barr to polio muscle tests, a new full-color design, and a first-of-its-kind chart of upper extremity articulations.</P> <P><B><I>A bonus Primal Anatomy CD-ROM</I></B> contains a three-dimensional interactive model of the human body. Students can rotate the model and add or subtract layers of anatomy to strengthen their knowledge.</P> </DIV> http://www.painfunstore.com/muscles-testing-and-function-with-posture-and-pain-includes-a-bonus-primal-anatomy-cd-rom-kendall-muscles.html Handel: Saul http://www.painfunstore.com/handel-saul.html Handel: Saul http://www.painfunstore.com/handel-saul.html Equate Maximum Strength Pain Relief Hemorrhoidal Cream, 1.8-Ounce Tube http://www.painfunstore.com/equate-maximum-strength-pain-relief-hemorrhoidal-cream-1.html Maximum strength pain relief hemorrhoidal cream. 1.8 oz tube. http://www.painfunstore.com/equate-maximum-strength-pain-relief-hemorrhoidal-cream-1.html Johnson & Johnson IB Pain Reliever Refill, 50 Two-Packs per Box http://www.painfunstore.com/johnson-johnson-ib-pain-reliever-refill-50-two-packs-per-box.html <br><B>Johnson & Johnson IB Pain Reliever Refill, 50 Two-Packs per Box</B><br><br>Packaged for individual use. To replenish first aid stations and kits. Contains: N/A; Global Product Type: Medicines; Width: N/A; Depth: N/A.<BR><BR>SKU: MCL48152 - Sold as 50 PK http://www.painfunstore.com/johnson-johnson-ib-pain-reliever-refill-50-two-packs-per-box.html Explain Pain Audio Non-returnable http://www.painfunstore.com/explain-pain-audio-non-returnable.html NEW! Learn and laugh away those hours in the car listenting to David Butler and Lorimer Moseley reading Explain Pain. This audio book demystifies the pain experience for health professionals and pain sufferers in every day language. Three audio CDs totaling 3 hours. Non-returnable. http://www.painfunstore.com/explain-pain-audio-non-returnable.html AZO Standard Urinary Pain Relief Tablets, 30-Count Boxes (Pack of 3) http://www.painfunstore.com/azo-standard-urinary-pain-relief-tablets-30-count-boxes-pack-of-3.html Extended supply. Value package. No. 1 Urinary pain reliever (among non-prescription products). Fast relief for urinary discomfort. Pain; Burning; Urgency. Phenazopyridine Hydrochloride 95 mg. No. 1 Ingredient prescribed by doctors. Nothing relieves urinar http://www.painfunstore.com/azo-standard-urinary-pain-relief-tablets-30-count-boxes-pack-of-3.html Healing the Pain http://www.painfunstore.com/healing-the-pain.html No Description Available.<br><b>Genre: </b>Jazz Music<br><b>Media Format: </b>Compact Disk<br><b>Rating: </b><br><b>Release Date: </b>17-APR-1990 http://www.painfunstore.com/healing-the-pain.html Big Lebowski Entering A World of Pain! Car Magnet BMB271 http://www.painfunstore.com/big-lebowski-entering-a-world-of-pain-car-magnet-bmb271.html <BR>The Big Lebowski magnet measures about 5 inches.<BR> http://www.painfunstore.com/big-lebowski-entering-a-world-of-pain-car-magnet-bmb271.html Institut Karite Paris Pain de Toilette Extra-Doux - 100g Soap with 25% Shea Butter - Vanilla http://www.painfunstore.com/institut-karite-paris-pain-de-toilette-extra-doux-100g-soap-with-25-shea-butter-vanilla.html Institut Karite Soaps are especially recommended for the daily care of dry, delicate, and sensitive skin. Enriched with 25% Shea Butter Cream, it leaves your face and body skin clean, beautiful, supple and soft. http://www.painfunstore.com/institut-karite-paris-pain-de-toilette-extra-doux-100g-soap-with-25-shea-butter-vanilla.html Tiferet - Pain Reliever - Aromatherapy Treatment Blend http://www.painfunstore.com/tiferet-pain-reliever-aromatherapy-treatment-blend.html These 12 therapeutic combinations of high - quality pure essential oils were formulated by Aromatherapist - Blender John Steele to treat a broad spectrum of conditions, including common physical, mental and emotional imbalances. The 12 blends are readily useable at full strength as Bath Oils or as Inhalations, and can also be made up as Massage Oils when added to a vegetable oil carrier. As with all Tiferet essential oils, great care and effort has gone into searching the world for the finest organically cultivated or organically wildcrafted plants. Tiferet Oils contain only these highest quality plants that have been carefully harvested, extracted and stored. The result is extraordinary quality in fragrance effect and therapeutic potency. UPC: 09890000063 Front Label Panel: Tiferet Pain Reliever 6 Ml Instructions: Primary Uses: Treats Muscular Pain, Cramp, Strain, And Sprain. Treats Muscular Tension, Especially Neck And Shoulder. Secondary Uses: Rheumatic And Arthritic Pain, Headache, Invigorating. Bath: 6-8 Drops Massage: Full Body At 3%, Or Locally At 6-9% For Severe Pain (3% = 10 Drops In 15Ml, 6% = 7 Drops In 5Ml, 9% = 11 Drops In 5Ml) Contra-Indications: Pregnancy, Use Low Concentration With Epilepsy, Sensitive Skin Ingredients: Corriander, Ginger, Juniper, Lemongrass, Rosemary, Birch, Blue Chamomile. Supplemental Facts: Can Also Be Used As A Compress. http://www.painfunstore.com/tiferet-pain-reliever-aromatherapy-treatment-blend.html HON Products - HON - Comfortask Task Swivel Chair, Blue - Sold As 1 Each - Strong lumbar support to minimize back pain. - Oversized cushions for additional comfort. - Seat depth adjusts to longer or shorter leg lengths. http://www.painfunstore.com/hon-products-hon-comfortask-task-swivel-chair-blue-sold-as-1-each-strong-lumbar-support-to-minimize-back-pain-oversized-cushions-for-additional-comfort-seat-depth-adjusts-to-longer-or-shorter-leg-lengths.html <B>HON - Comfortask Task Swivel Chair, Blue - Sold As 1 Each</B><BR><BR>Strong lumbar support to minimize back pain. Oversized cushions for additional comfort. Seat depth adjusts to longer or shorter leg lengths. Seat/Back Color(s): Blue; Features & Functions: 360 Swivel; Back Height Adjustment; Pneumatic Seat Height Adjustment; Seat Depth Adjustment; Arms Included: No; Recommended Applications: Task, Multi-Task & Task Intensive.<BR><LI>Strong lumbar support to minimize back pain.<LI>Oversized cushions for additional comfort.<LI>Seat depth adjusts to longer or shorter leg lengths. <BR><BR>Includes one armless task chair with base and casters. http://www.painfunstore.com/hon-products-hon-comfortask-task-swivel-chair-blue-sold-as-1-each-strong-lumbar-support-to-minimize-back-pain-oversized-cushions-for-additional-comfort-seat-depth-adjusts-to-longer-or-shorter-leg-lengths.html Heart of Pain http://www.painfunstore.com/heart-of-pain.html Heart of Pain http://www.painfunstore.com/heart-of-pain.html PAIN: Hung Lo Character [Online Game Code - Game Add-on] http://www.painfunstore.com/pain-hung-lo-character-online-game-code-game-add-on.html It is said that a cat always lands on its feet. What do you suppose would happen if you launched a Ninja from a giant slingshot? Well, now's your chance to find out! Nible, agile, and ready to launch, Hung Lo smacks and tumbles his way into the world of PAIN, where he's willing and able to take out Grannies, explosive crates, monkeys with attitude, or whatever you can throw at him....errr....whatever you can throw HIM at. This is PAIN, after all. What else would you expect? PAIN boldly tackles a rarely explored area of video-gaming... comedy. The unique mechanic of the game allows the player to load a character into a human-sized, ultra-powerful slingshot, and fire the character into an active, physics-controlled environment, filled with precarious and humorous situations. Players receive points by stringing together painful collisions and inducing chaos in the environment. http://www.painfunstore.com/pain-hung-lo-character-online-game-code-game-add-on.html PAIN [Online Game Code - Full Game] http://www.painfunstore.com/pain-online-game-code-full-game.html It's the funniest game in town! Load characters into a super-sized, ultra powerful slingshot and launch them into an active, physics-controlled environment filled with precarious and humorous situations. Score points by stringing together PAINful collisions and unleashing chaos on the downtown environment. Enjoy single player challenges like Spanx the Monkey or head-to-head modes like Fun With Explosives. http://www.painfunstore.com/pain-online-game-code-full-game.html Music of the Passion of Jesus Christ http://www.painfunstore.com/music-of-the-passion-of-jesus-christ.html Music of the Passion of Jesus Christ http://www.painfunstore.com/music-of-the-passion-of-jesus-christ.html 3 Stooges: Pain in the Pullman [VHS] http://www.painfunstore.com/3-stooges-pain-in-the-pullman-vhs.html "A Pain in the Pullman" (1936, short number 16 in the Columbia series) starts with the team rehearsing a number--very badly, of course--which leads to their eviction and subsequent chaos on a train, thanks to the boys and their monkey. The old business of two or more crammed in an upper berth is repeated, but there is a fairly original sequence with a crab dinner (Curly preferring the shells).<p> "Gents Without Cents" (1944, number 81), on the other hand, is fabulous. It starts also with a rehearsal number--the immortal "Niagara Falls... slowly I turned" routine that would be repeated with Lou Costello in <I>Lost in a Harem</I>. They meet a winsome trio of acrobatic dancers and give a show at a war plant. When another act can't make it, the boys volunteer--and it seems the props and scenery are all ready and the other actor even knows his lines! The complete "Niagara Falls" routine is performed, including a short skit that is the ancestor of a similar Monty Python "Who will volunteer to die?" episode. Even the ending is hilarious as they are off to their honeymoons and Curly makes the fatal mistake of reading the road sign: Niagara Falls.<p> "Termites of 1938" (1938, number 28) has only an opening routine with an elaborate mousetrap to distinguish it. A high-society dame mistaking these exterminators for an escort service takes up the rest. There is a long, not very funny sequence in which an English lord decides to take his cue for table manners from the Stooges, with predictable results. But "Gents" makes this Columbia entry an excellent choice. <I>--Frank Behrens</I> http://www.painfunstore.com/3-stooges-pain-in-the-pullman-vhs.html Pain Makes You Beautiful http://www.painfunstore.com/pain-makes-you-beautiful.html This Knoxville, Tennessee, quintet travels to an unexplored corner of the guitar-pop universe and beams back a tuneful, edgy, and amazingly fresh third album. --<i>Jeff Bateman</i> http://www.painfunstore.com/pain-makes-you-beautiful.html Johnson & Johnson : IB Pain Reliever Refill, 50 Two-Packs per Box -:- Sold as 2 Packs of - 50 - / - Total of 100 Each http://www.painfunstore.com/johnson-johnson-ib-pain-reliever-refill-50-two-packs-per-box-sold-as-2-packs-of-50-total-of-100-each.html <B>Johnson & Johnson : IB Pain Reliever Refill, 50 Two-Packs per Box </B><BR> Packaged for individual use. To replenish first aid stations and kits. Contains: N/A; Global Product Type: Medicines; Width: N/A; Depth: N/A.:<BR>Manufactured by.: Johnson & Johnson http://www.painfunstore.com/johnson-johnson-ib-pain-reliever-refill-50-two-packs-per-box-sold-as-2-packs-of-50-total-of-100-each.html Knotty Girl - No Pain Daffodil De-Tangling Spray - 8 oz. http://www.painfunstore.com/knotty-girl-no-pain-daffodil-de-tangling-spray-8-oz.html No Pain Daffodil De-Tangling Spray, 8 oz. - Seals the cuticle, prevents snags and tangles, and removes the gross stuff left by tap water that can dull and weigh down the hair. Now that you are in control of your wild locks having fluffy, shiny and beautiful hair is not so painful. http://www.painfunstore.com/knotty-girl-no-pain-daffodil-de-tangling-spray-8-oz.html NEW DAWN PILATES: A Pilates-Inspired Workout Adapted For People With Pelvic Pain (Vol.#1) http://www.painfunstore.com/new-dawn-pilates-a-pilates-inspired-workout-adapted-for-people-with-pelvic-pain-vol.html <p>"NEW DAWN PILATES: A Pilates-Inspired Workout For People With Pelvic Pain (Vol.#1) offers exercisers with pelvic pain disorders an effective, daily workout plan designed to tone and condition muscle. This first volume contains over 90 minutes of content and is rated Beginner to Intermediate Level. Unlike other exercise videos on the market, New Dawn Pilates Vol.#1 has been carefully crafted in such a way, as to not cause further pain to the pelvic region. The workout adapts Pilates principles of concentration, flow and breath to achieve a total body workout through low impact movements. <p><p> Before being diagnosed with Interstitial Cystitis in 2005, owner of New Dawn Pilates and ex-gymnast, Jenny Lelwica Buttaccio, practiced daily, various forms of exercise and body conditioning. Over the past two years her life has changed immensely. One of the major areas particularly difficult for her to continue in the same manner as before is exercise. Being a Registered & Licensed Occupational Therapist and a Certified Pilates Instructor, Jenny adapted a system of pilates-inspired exercise for herself and for others who suffer from chronic pelvic pain. <p><p> The New Dawn Pilates DVD features both an Introduction and a thirty-seven minute Tutorial that explains proper and safe body mechanics for the exercises. The DVD menus and chapters were created in such a way that a workout can be customized in multiple ways. Exercisers are offered the option to perform the entire workout from beginning to end, or to simply target a specific area one day (i.e. arms, legs, etc.), and a different area another day. This allows an individual to personalize their workout, customizing an exercise program, anywhere from 7 to 45 minutes in length, according to their own capabilities and pain levels. Another feature for pelvic pain sufferers is an on-screen prompt wherever Intermediate-Level exercises appear. It allows viewers to "Skip" certain exercises that may be too uncomfortable to perform. <p><p> Also, included is a bonus workout for those who find it too difficult to perform even the adapted variations of the exercises, or for anyone who has just had a rough day. This bonus workout will renew and energize exercisers through simple, fluid motion done completely from a seated position in a chair. It's called The Rough Day Revitalizer.<p>This product is manufactured on demand using DVD-R recordable media. Amazon.com's standard return policy will apply. http://www.painfunstore.com/new-dawn-pilates-a-pilates-inspired-workout-adapted-for-people-with-pelvic-pain-vol.html Medique 40933 Envelopes 50-2/Pk Advil Pain Relief Tablets http://www.painfunstore.com/medique-40933-envelopes-50-2-pk-advil-pain-relief-tablets.html Medicinals - First Aid Relief Type: Headache/Pain Trade Name/Type: Advil Type: Tablets http://www.painfunstore.com/medique-40933-envelopes-50-2-pk-advil-pain-relief-tablets.html IXO 1/43 Scale Prefinished Fully-Detailed Diecast Model, Peugeot 307 WRC, Winner 2006 Touquet (France) Rally, Total - Ardeche, #3, Cuoq & Pain. RAM267 http://www.painfunstore.com/43-scale-prefinished-fully-detailed-diecast-model-peugeot-307-wrc-winner-2006-touquet-france-rally-total-ardeche-3-cuoq-pain.html Peugeot 307 WRC, Winner 2006 Touquet (France) Rally, Total - Ardeche, #3, Cuoq & Pain. FOR ANYONE NOT FAMILIAR WITH HOW TO INTERPRET A MODEL'S SCALE, THE MODEL IS 3 7/8 INCHES LONG. THIS IS EQUIVALENT TO DIVIDING THE LENGTH OF THE REAL VEHICLE IN INCHES BY 43. http://www.painfunstore.com/43-scale-prefinished-fully-detailed-diecast-model-peugeot-307-wrc-winner-2006-touquet-france-rally-total-ardeche-3-cuoq-pain.html Cervical Roll Pillow by Sacro Wedgy, Compliments Sacro Wedgy Backaid Sacro Stabilizer for Back Pain http://www.painfunstore.com/cervical-roll-pillow-by-sacro-wedgy-compliments-sacro-wedgy-backaid-sacro-stabilizer-for-back-pain.html Since the Neck Support is so Important, Sacro Wedgy found it Necessary to Design a "Cervical Roll" that complimented the Sacro Wedgy Back Aid Tool.(sold separately in my other listing.) For 15 years the Sacro Wedgy System (Tool plus Cervical Pillow)has been helping thousands get relief from a variety of lower back problems. When any one muscle gets too tight, it may start tourquing in the spinal column and in turn put pressure on nerves and create pain. Sciatica, back pain, hip pain, knee pain, piriformis syndrome, heel pain, shoulder pain, bad posture are just some of the symptoms associated with a muscle imbalance. The Sacro Wedgy Cervical Roll *COMPLETES THE SYSTEM OF STABILIZING by Slightly Elevating Both Ends of the Spine. Please see my other listing for the Sacro Wedgy Tool. http://www.painfunstore.com/cervical-roll-pillow-by-sacro-wedgy-compliments-sacro-wedgy-backaid-sacro-stabilizer-for-back-pain.html Darkspawn: Rahl, Duke of Pain http://www.painfunstore.com/darkspawn-rahl-duke-of-pain.html Reaper Warlord 25mm heroic-scale miniatures are sold unpainted and may require assembly. http://www.painfunstore.com/darkspawn-rahl-duke-of-pain.html Extreme Pain Rising Tee http://www.painfunstore.com/extreme-pain-rising-tee.html Slim cut, 4.3 oz. pre-shrunk tee. Constructed of 100% combed cotton jersey. Front imprint of olive ink with red foil. http://www.painfunstore.com/extreme-pain-rising-tee.html PFYBXBG50 - Bayer Aspirin Pain Reliever http://www.painfunstore.com/pfybxbg50-bayer-aspirin-pain-reliever.html Packaged for individual use to replenish first aid stations and kits. Contains: N/A; Description: Bayer Aspirin, 2/Pack; Quantity: 50 per box; For Use With: First Aid Stations/Kits; Individual Use. http://www.painfunstore.com/pfybxbg50-bayer-aspirin-pain-reliever.html Nosferatu - O.S.T. http://www.painfunstore.com/nosferatu-o-s-t.html The new issue of Nosferatu contains more than 20 additional minutes of material left off the original release and for the first time appears as the complete soundtrack in the correct running sequence. Nosferatu contains four pieces which rank among the best in the Popol Vuh catalogue, thanks to a serene, mystic, deeply personal stance that basically transposes Hosianna Mantra into gothic music. <P>All Popol Vuh re-releases are manufactured as high quality collector's series with stickers indicating the bonus tracks. The Digipak spines have a design and when all are put together they form one big picture. http://www.painfunstore.com/nosferatu-o-s-t.html Qi Gong for Low Back Pain (DVD) Lee Holden http://www.painfunstore.com/qi-gong-for-low-back-pain-dvd-lee-holden.html Qi Gong for Low Back Pain (DVD) Lee Holden http://www.painfunstore.com/qi-gong-for-low-back-pain-dvd-lee-holden.html Keith Urban: Love, Pain & the Whole Crazy World Tour - Live http://www.painfunstore.com/keith-urban-love-pain-the-whole-crazy-world-tour-live.html <i>Love, Pain & the whole crazy World Tour Live</i> DVD revisits the excitement of Keith's 2008 world tour.<P> Praise was unanimous for the "musically tight, visually stunning, and expertly conceived" show as "Love, Pain and the whole crazy World Tour" wowed over a million fans around the world. Performing 150 shows in six countries and three continents, Keith delivered constant surprises and made it a point to engage even the farthest seated fans. Throughout the tour, fans never left disappointed, and learned to expect the unexpected from the artist that is "unparalleled when it comes to melding country with rock."<P> The live DVD also includes bonus footage: exclusive outtakes, in-studio footage of Keith re-recording his #1 hit "You Look Good In My Shirt," as well as exclusive photographs.<P> "I hope the shows can be a moment to escape from everything and be immersed in this other world for a while- to sing along and be a part of something else. I love touring and playing for people and having that sense of togetherness, of oneness. I don't want to play at people, but with people. It's not me and them, it's us," explains Keith.<P> Tracklisting:<br> 1. Once In A Lifetime<br> 2. Where The Blacktop Ends<br> 3. Shine<br> 4. Raining On Sunday<br> 5. Stupid Boy<br> 6. Used To The Pain<br> 7. You're My Better Half<br> 8. Making Memories Of Us<br> 9. You'll Think Of Me<br> 10. I Told You So<br> 11. Days Go By<br> 12. You Look Good In My Shirt<br> 13. Tonight I Wanna Cry<br> 14. Who Wouldn't Wanna Be Me<br> 15. Somebody Like You<br> 16. Got It Right This Time (The Celebration)<br> 17. Better Life<br> 18. Everybody<br> 19. Making Of The Tour<br> 20. Outtakes<br> 21. Studio Footage "You Look Good In My Shirt"<br> 22. Photo Gallery / Keith Urban / Everybody http://www.painfunstore.com/keith-urban-love-pain-the-whole-crazy-world-tour-live.html 7 Steps to a Pain-Free Life: How to Rapidly Relieve Back and Neck Pain http://www.painfunstore.com/7-steps-to-a-pain-free-life-how-to-rapidly-relieve-back-and-neck-pain.html The phenomenon known as the McKenzie Method has helped millions of people with chronic back and neck pain. In <i>7 Steps to a Pain-Free Life</i>, its founder, world-renowned physical therapist Robin McKenzie, shares the innovative program that can save you from a life of pain. <i>7 Steps to a Pain-Free Life</i> combines and enhances McKenzie's back and neck books that have sold more than 5.5 million copies worldwide.<br><br> The 7 essential steps that make up the McKenzie Method have become the keystone for back and neck care in 35 countries, including the United States. In this easy-to-follow, fully illustrated book, you'll read about:<br><br> * Common causes of lower-back and neck pain<br> * The vital role discs play in back and neck health<br> * Easy exercises that alleviate pain immediately<br> * How to stay out of pain<br><br> Complete with more than 150 photos and illustrations, and considered the treatment of choice by health care professionals throughout the world, 7 Steps to a Pain-Free Life will help you get out of pain-and stay out of pain. It is an invaluable tool for better health. http://www.painfunstore.com/7-steps-to-a-pain-free-life-how-to-rapidly-relieve-back-and-neck-pain.html JointFlex Arthritis Pain Relieving Cream 4 oz http://www.painfunstore.com/jointflex-arthritis-pain-relieving-cream-4-oz.html Please note: Due to packaging updates, the image shown may temporarily appear different from the product received.<BR>JointFlex-OUT PAIN<BR>Pain Relieving Cream<BR>Clinically Tested<BR>Greasless<BR>Fresh Scent<BR>Stainless<BR>with Glucosamine & Chondroitin<BR>Sulfate for Skin Conditioning<BR>Provides EFFECTIVE Temporary Pain Relief of minot arthritis pain, simple backache, bruises, cramps, tendinitis, bursitis, strains & sprains<BR>JointFlex GUARANTEE<BR>"If you use JointFlex as directed and you aren't completely amazed with the pain relief you receive, simply return the unused portion to the manufacturer at the address below (even if the tube is empty) and cash register receipt for a full product regund. No questions asked. http://www.painfunstore.com/jointflex-arthritis-pain-relieving-cream-4-oz.html Low [Feat T-Pain] [Explicit] http://www.painfunstore.com/low-feat-t-pain-explicit.html Low [Feat T-Pain] [Explicit] http://www.painfunstore.com/low-feat-t-pain-explicit.html Cause for Alarm/Victim in Pain http://www.painfunstore.com/cause-for-alarm-victim-in-pain.html 2010 reissue with improved artwork and liner notes. Century Media. http://www.painfunstore.com/cause-for-alarm-victim-in-pain.html Holmes on Homes: Season 1 http://www.painfunstore.com/holmes-on-homes-season-1.html Contractor Mike Holmes has a vision for doing contract work right the first time. By exposing sloppy, dangerous and often illegal renovations, he reveals contractor rip-offs and shows homeowners how they can fix projects that have gone terribly wrong. http://www.painfunstore.com/holmes-on-homes-season-1.html Iberogast LARGE SIZE (100ml) - for Dyspepsia, Bloating, Stomache Pain and Heartburn Brand: Medical Futures http://www.painfunstore.com/iberogast-large-size-100ml-for-dyspepsia-bloating-stomache-pain-and-heartburn-brand-medical-futures.html Dietary supplement to support the digestive system*Clinically Studied*This statement has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. http://www.painfunstore.com/iberogast-large-size-100ml-for-dyspepsia-bloating-stomache-pain-and-heartburn-brand-medical-futures.html No More Heartburn: Stop the Pain in 30 Days--Naturally! : The Safe, Effective Way to Prevent and Heal Chronic Gastrointestinal Disorders http://www.painfunstore.com/no-more-heartburn-stop-the-pain-in-30-days-naturally-the-safe-effective-way-to-prevent-and-heal-chronic-gastrointestinal-disorders.html No More Heartburn: Stop the Pain in 30 Days--Naturally! : The Safe, Effective Way to Prevent and Heal Chronic Gastrointestinal Disorders http://www.painfunstore.com/no-more-heartburn-stop-the-pain-in-30-days-naturally-the-safe-effective-way-to-prevent-and-heal-chronic-gastrointestinal-disorders.html Only Theatre of Pain http://www.painfunstore.com/only-theatre-of-pain.html Collaboration between singer/poet Rozz Williams & Rikk Agnew. 16 tracks. 1982. http://www.painfunstore.com/only-theatre-of-pain.html Hagen: Songs http://www.painfunstore.com/hagen-songs.html Hagen: Songs http://www.painfunstore.com/hagen-songs.html The Pain Survival Guide: How to Reclaim Your Life (APA Lifetools) http://www.painfunstore.com/the-pain-survival-guide-how-to-reclaim-your-life-apa-lifetools.html If you suffer from chronic pain, this proven 10-step program brings hope and relief, showing you how gradual changes in specific behaviors can lead to great improvements in your ability to cope. Psychologists Turk and Winters recommendations are based on solid research that shows what works and on their success with thousands of patients. Unlike the authors of other pain books, they promise no miracle cures, but they do help you learn "not to let your body push you around" so life becomes enjoyable again. The key lessons in this book include Uncovering some of the myths about pain and the deceptive ways it fools your body into unconstructive behavior Pacing your activity, so you build strength without overdoing or underdoing it Learning how to induce deep relaxation so you can begin to enjoy life again Dealing with disturbed sleep and chronic fatigue Improving your relations with family and friends, and soliciting support Changing your habitual behaviors in ways that reduce pain Combating the negative thinking that often accompanies pain Regaining your self-confidence and trust in yourself The power of goal-setting and humor Dealing with the inevitable relapses and setbacks once improvement has set in Workbook exercises, behavior logs, and suggested readings help you integrate these lessons into your daily life and learn to live well despite pain. http://www.painfunstore.com/the-pain-survival-guide-how-to-reclaim-your-life-apa-lifetools.html PhysiciansCare : Aleve Tablet Pain Reliever Refill, 50 Packages per Box -:- Sold as 1 BX http://www.painfunstore.com/physicianscare-aleve-tablet-pain-reliever-refill-50-packages-per-box-sold-as-1-bx.html PhysiciansCare : Aleve Tablet Pain Reliever Refill, 50 Packages per Box -:- Sold as 1 BX http://www.painfunstore.com/physicianscare-aleve-tablet-pain-reliever-refill-50-packages-per-box-sold-as-1-bx.html Strong Knees http://www.painfunstore.com/strong-knees.html 30-minute strengthening and stretching routine<br> 7 Minutes to Save Your Knees abridged workout<br> Exercise modifications for all fitness levels<br> BONUS! Exercises and techniques<br>PREVENT AND REDUCE KNEE PAIN<br>Knee pain is not a prerequisite to aging. In fact, almost<br>all knee injuries can be easily prevented and treated.<br>The secret is knowing exactly how to take care of<br>these important joints when they re hurting and while<br>they re healthy. This simple strengthening and<br>stretching routine targets the muscles that protect<br>your knees to avoid undue stress and strain. It also<br>targets painful areas to speed in their healing. Physical<br>therapist Chantal Donnelly created this gentle routine<br>to help you exercise your way to good knee health. http://www.painfunstore.com/strong-knees.html Pain Is Good, Sauce Hot B# 37 Garlic, 7.5-Ounce (12 Pack) http://www.painfunstore.com/pain-is-good-sauce-hot-b-37-garlic-7.html Pain Is Good, Sauce Hot B# 37 Garlic, 7.5-Ounce (12 Pack) http://www.painfunstore.com/pain-is-good-sauce-hot-b-37-garlic-7.html Thermotex TTS Elbow - Infrared Elbow Heating Pad for Pain in Elbow http://www.painfunstore.com/thermotex-tts-elbow-infrared-elbow-heating-pad-for-pain-in-elbow.html The Thermotex Infrared Elbow Heating Pad is an elbow wrap that will reduce inflammation in the tendons and ligaments surrounding the elbow and can alleviate soreness in the forearm, wrists, and hands as well. With this device, there can finally be an end to pain in elbow joints and other areas of the arm. Whether it's a sore forearm or a nagging inner elbow pain, maladies of the arm can often stand in the way of one remaining active and leading a fulfilling life.Popular with golfers and racquet sport enthusiasts for injuries like tennis elbow, the Elbow Heating Pad is easy and safe to use. The 24 watts required to heat the two 3" x 8" infrared inserts allows this heating pad to be portable, and not only will this two-insert design accommodate the specific contour of your arm for a comfortable fit, but it will provide relief anywhere from the office to the car.How does Thermotex technology help with injuries and chronic pain? Thermotex heating pads use an infrared heating system to penetrate deep into the tissues of the arm through a process called conversion, which allows heat to transfer from the pad to your skin without conduction through the air. Other heating pads may heat the skin at temperatures of up to 55 degrees (C) and burn or dehydrate the skin, but the conversion process used in Thermotex pads allows for a more efficient transfer of heat and requires only 40 to 45 degrees to get the same results. This heat will increase blood flow in the afflicted area, creating a safe, non-addictive solution to pain relief without side effects and in many cases will allow you to reduce your intake of pain medication.Being an active and productive individual doesn't have to hurt. Spend thirty minutes a day three days a week with the Thermotex Infrared Elbow Heating Pad, and that nagging inner elbow pain can be gone forever. http://www.painfunstore.com/thermotex-tts-elbow-infrared-elbow-heating-pad-for-pain-in-elbow.html Naruto Shippuden Path Of Pain Booster Box (24 Packs) http://www.painfunstore.com/naruto-shippuden-path-of-pain-booster-box-24-packs.html Naruto Shippuden Path Of Pain Booster Box (24 Packs) http://www.painfunstore.com/naruto-shippuden-path-of-pain-booster-box-24-packs.html Love & Pain & The Whole Damn Thing http://www.painfunstore.com/love-pain-the-whole-damn-thing.html A prim, forty-year-old English spinster meets an 18 year-old college drop-out (Timothy Bottoms) while on a bus trip through Spain. Though the two have little in common, they begin a clumsy yet moving affair. http://www.painfunstore.com/love-pain-the-whole-damn-thing.html LE PAIN BREAD FOOD FRENCH PARIS VINTAGE POSTER REPRO http://www.painfunstore.com/le-pain-bread-food-french-paris-vintage-poster-repro.html THIS IS A BEAUTIFUL / GREAT QUALITY REPRODUCTION VINTAGE POSTER !!!THE POSTERS ARE PRINTED ON HEAVYWEIGHT PROFESSIONAL MATTE PAPER USING **GICLEE** TECHNIQUE. THE QUALITY OF THE IMAGES IS JUST AMAZING!!! 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE!!! IF YOU ARE NOT SATISFIED JUST RETURN THE POSTER, NO QUESTIONS ASKED!!! IMAGE SIZE IS 12" X 16" INCHES - PAPER SIZE IS 15" X 18" INCHESTHIS POSTER WILL MAKE A FANTASTIC ADDITION TO THE HOME DCOR!!! ***HIGH QUALITY POSTER FOR DISCERNING CLIENTES!!!!!*** http://www.painfunstore.com/le-pain-bread-food-french-paris-vintage-poster-repro.html String Quart Tribute to Chevelle http://www.painfunstore.com/string-quart-tribute-to-chevelle.html This power trio of brothers has created a uniquely captivating sound that is put on display by way of An Evening with Diablo: A String Tribute to Chevelle. Violin, viola, cello and bass seamlessly collide and blend to reproduce extraordinary renditions such as "Send the Pain Below" and "The Red." This is a remarkable tribute to a band that has combined hardcore guitar and drum rhythms with vocals that simultaneously evoke chaos and order and invite the listener on a journey through the powerful and complex music that has propelled Chevelle to the top of the charts. http://www.painfunstore.com/string-quart-tribute-to-chevelle.html PAIN IS PLEASURE Mug for Coffee / Hot Beverage (choice of sizes and colors) http://www.painfunstore.com/pain-is-pleasure-mug-for-coffee-hot-beverage-choice-of-sizes-and-colors.html T-ShirtFrenzy offers over 30,000 designs on tons of products to offer millions of variations. You can search our store for something for everyone on your gift list or shop for yourself (our personal favorite). Please contact us with questions. http://www.painfunstore.com/pain-is-pleasure-mug-for-coffee-hot-beverage-choice-of-sizes-and-colors.html Take One as Needed for Pain http://www.painfunstore.com/take-one-as-needed-for-pain.html Take One as Needed for Pain http://www.painfunstore.com/take-one-as-needed-for-pain.html At the Sign of the Crumhorn http://www.painfunstore.com/at-the-sign-of-the-crumhorn.html At the Sign of the Crumhorn http://www.painfunstore.com/at-the-sign-of-the-crumhorn.html Health Talks at The Cleveland Clinic Presents - Back Pain: Finding a Solution that Works for You [VHS] http://www.painfunstore.com/health-talks-at-the-cleveland-clinic-presents-back-pain-finding-a-solution-that-works-for-you-vhs.html Health Talks at The Cleveland Clinic Presents - Back Pain: Finding a Solution that Works for You [VHS] http://www.painfunstore.com/health-talks-at-the-cleveland-clinic-presents-back-pain-finding-a-solution-that-works-for-you-vhs.html Pain Tolerance http://www.painfunstore.com/pain-tolerance.html Need to get your point across? Do it with a fridge magnet. Size is approximate. Sexual acts, permissive attitude, endure, resistance. http://www.painfunstore.com/pain-tolerance.html A Headache in the Pelvis: A New Understanding and Treatment for Chronic Pelvic Pain Syndromes http://www.painfunstore.com/a-headache-in-the-pelvis-a-new-understanding-and-treatment-for-chronic-pelvic-pain-syndromes.html This groundbreaking book describes the Wise-Anderson Protocol for muscle-related pelvic pain in men and women, a new and revolutionary treatment developed at Stanford University. The Wise-Anderson Protocol involves the treatment of muscle-related pelvic pain and dysfunction, variously diagnosed as prostatitis, chronic pelvic pain syndrome, pelvic floor dysfunction, pelvic floor myalgia, interstitial cystitis, urethral syndrome, levator ani syndrome, among other related diagnoses affecting some twenty million men and women in the United States. Specifically, The 6th edition of A Headache in the Pelvis adds new research recently published in the Journal of Urology done by the Wise-Anderson team describing the relationship of painful trigger points that refer and re-create specific symptoms of pelvic pain, new research done at Stanford on the relationship between early morning anxiety and those with pelvic pain, and firsthand stories from women who have undergone the Wise-Anderson Protocol, along with other new sections. http://www.painfunstore.com/a-headache-in-the-pelvis-a-new-understanding-and-treatment-for-chronic-pelvic-pain-syndromes.html Growing Pains: The Complete First Season http://www.painfunstore.com/growing-pains-the-complete-first-season.html Meet the Seavers in this hilariously successful late eighties sit-com about a family of five living out on Long Island. Maggie has recently rejoined the workforce as a journalist, leaving Jason, a psychiatrist, to juggle his responsibilities to his patients and his three kids by working from home. Mike's the oldest and possibly the most difficult to handle! Whether it's for girls, dirt bikes or The Boss, Mike uses his charming smile to finagle his way into trouble. The youngest, Ben, tries to tag along with his big brother learning to be a little con-artist in his own right. And amid the chaos, Carol, the middle child, tries to keep her head on straight and maintain her straight-A status at school. Join the Seavers as they experience the growing pains of family life, including a few disputes sprinkled in among lots of love and laughter. http://www.painfunstore.com/growing-pains-the-complete-first-season.html Flex-Power Performance Daily Pain Relief Cream 4 oz. http://www.painfunstore.com/flex-power-performance-daily-pain-relief-cream-4-oz.html #794795 Endorsed by Tim Howard, Salomon Kalou and Claudio Reyna, this pain relief cream offers instant relief from aches and pain. Clean, fresh scent. Contains gradual heat, MSM and Glucosamine. Use Flex Power daily to help relieve pain from muscle, joints, arthritis, back, shoulder necks, ankles knees hips and elbows. Great for preactivity warm up and performance and post activity recovery. http://www.painfunstore.com/flex-power-performance-daily-pain-relief-cream-4-oz.html Ibuprofen Infants Pain Reliever Fever Reducer Drops, Berry Flavor, Dye Free - 1 Oz http://www.painfunstore.com/ibuprofen-infants-pain-reliever-fever-reducer-drops-berry-flavor-dye-free-1-oz.html Relieves minor aches and pains due to the common cold, flu, sore throat, headaches and toothaches, teething and immunization. http://www.painfunstore.com/ibuprofen-infants-pain-reliever-fever-reducer-drops-berry-flavor-dye-free-1-oz.html Confession of Pain Poster Movie Hong Kong 11x17 http://www.painfunstore.com/confession-of-pain-poster-movie-hong-kong-11x17.html Confession of Pain reproduction Approx. Size: 11 x 17 Inches - 28cm x 44cm Hong Kong Style A mini poster print <br><br>Pop Culture Graphics, Inc is Amazon's largest source for movie and TV show memorabilia, posters and more: Offering tens of thousands of items to choose from. We also offer a full selection of framed posters.. <br><br>Customer satisfaction is always guaranteed when you buy from Pop Culture Graphics,Inc http://www.painfunstore.com/confession-of-pain-poster-movie-hong-kong-11x17.html The Better Bladder Book: A Holistic Approach to Healing Interstitial Cystitis and Chronic Pelvic Pain http://www.painfunstore.com/the-better-bladder-book-a-holistic-approach-to-healing-interstitial-cystitis-and-chronic-pelvic-pain.html <DIV>Bladder problems affect millions of people, and recovery is often difficult and incomplete. As a registered nurse, Wendy Cohan has provided health information and treatments for patients with a number of bladder conditions. She begins with a description of the anatomy and function of the urological system and the assessment, diagnosis, and treatment of typical bladder problems. She lists frequently prescribed medications, explains how they work, and identifies their side effects. The bulk of the book picks up where medical treatment leaves off: the use of diet and herbs, regular exercise, stress and pain reduction techniques, and methods for better sleep are discussed. Cohan includes self-assessments, meal plans, herbal recipes, and a week-by-week recovery plan to create a complete holistic approach to bladder wellness. Information on specific diets, a review of the range of conditions that can cause pelvic pain, and a thorough guide to additional resources complete the book.</DIV> http://www.painfunstore.com/the-better-bladder-book-a-holistic-approach-to-healing-interstitial-cystitis-and-chronic-pelvic-pain.html The Elaine Petrone Method: Stop the Back Pain http://www.painfunstore.com/the-elaine-petrone-method-stop-the-back-pain.html <br>Proven relief from low backache<P><b>Previously released as <i>The Elaine Petrone Method</i></b><P><b>Elaine Knows Pain</b> <br>As a young dancer, Elaine suffered a debilitating injury that led her to develop the Elaine Petrone Method. It healed her injury, alleviated her pain, and changed her life. For over 30 years, she has been teaching individuals, doctors, and therapists how to do the same. <P>Revolutionary in its simplicity, Elaines method of pain relief "unworks" excess muscle tension using breath awareness and your own body weight while resting comfortably on a ball or balls. On this program, she will teach you how to use her method to alleviate the all-too-common problem of low backache. After learning her method, many of Elaines students find relief from stubborn back pain for the first time. Now you can, too. <P>Whether your pain comes from injury, improper body alignment, arthritis, or just the stress of everyday life, get on the ball and get relief! <P>This program addresses pain and tension in the lower back and hips. For pain in the shoulders, neck, and head look for Elaines <i>STOP THE CLOCK</i> kit. <P>For more information, visit elainepetrone.com <p> <br> <p> <span class="h1"><strong>Stills from <I> The Elaine Petrone Method: Stop the Back Pain</I> (click for larger image)</strong></span> <table border="0" cellpadding="4" width="100%" cellspacing="4"><p> <p> <tr align="center" valign="top"> <td> <img border="0" src="http://g-ecx.images-amazon.com/images/G/01/dvd/acorn/ElainePetronesmall1.jpg"><br> </td><p> <td><img border="0" src="http://g-ecx.images-amazon.com/images/G/01/dvd/acorn/ElainePetronesmall2.jpg"><br> <p> </td> <td><img border="0" src="http://g-ecx.images-amazon.com/images/G/01/dvd/acorn/ElainePetronesmall3.jpg"><br> </td></td> <br> </td></tr></table> <p> <p> <span class="h1"><strong>Beyond <i> The Elaine Petrone Method: Stop the Back Pain</i></strong></span> <table width="100%" border="0" cellspacing="4" cellpadding="4"> <tr align="center" valign="top" class="tiny"> <td width="33%"> <img src="http://images.amazon.com/images/P/B000JJ4DEQ.01.TZZZZZZZ.jpg" border="0"><br><i> The Elaine Petrone Method - Stop the Clock</i></td> <td width="33%"> <img src="http://images.amazon.com/images/P/0761143823.01.TZZZZZZZ.jpg" border="0"><br> <i> The Portable Miracle Ball Method</i><a></td> <td width="33%"> <img src="http://images.amazon.com/images/P/B0011FLGUG.01.TZZZZZZZ.jpg" border="0"><br> More from Acacia - <i> Yoga to the Rescue for Back Pain</i> </td> </tr> </table> </p> http://www.painfunstore.com/the-elaine-petrone-method-stop-the-back-pain.html Quiet Nights of Blood and Pain http://www.painfunstore.com/quiet-nights-of-blood-and-pain.html William is a soldier home from Iraq and struggling to make sense of what he experienced in the conflict, trained in the torture and killing of prisoners and dissidents for information while stationed there. The problem is that now that he is home, he still thinks he is doing that job! Anyone who appears "un-American" will cross his path and feel the rage. Leaving a trail of bodies and rivers of blood in his wake, it is only a matter of time before all hell will break loose... http://www.painfunstore.com/quiet-nights-of-blood-and-pain.html Trigger Point Therapy for Headaches & Migraines: Your Self-Treatment Workbook for Pain Relief http://www.painfunstore.com/trigger-point-therapy-for-headaches-migraines-your-self-treatment-workbook-for-pain-relief.html "I have such a bad headache!" For many of us, this is an oft repeated cry of anguish. Statistics about headaches and migraines are downright astonishing: One in six people have frequent headaches, and of those, one in ten suffers from migraines. You are not alone. Headaches and migraines result in more than 10 million doctor visits each year. If you struggle frequently with headache pain, this book offers a welcome solution. Trigger point therapy is an effective self-care approach you can use to get relief from headache pain. <P> Trigger points form in a portion of the muscle cell where blood flow is reduced and metabolic wastes are not being exchanged for oxygen and nutrients. When enough trigger points are located together, they can form palpable knots in the tissue. Trigger points can cause pain, either in the area of the trigger point, or by referral to other areas of the body. Trigger points can be treated by applying pressure to affected areas, often providing instant relief. <b>Trigger Point Therapy for Headaches and Migraines</b> explains trigger point physiology and then offers a complete program for self-care that includes detailed illustrations of all pressure and stretching techniques. In addition, it provides an in-depth look at the factors that cause and perpetuate trigger points, such as body mechanics, injuries, diet and nutritional deficiencies, hormonal imbalances, and emotional factors, and provides solutions to address each perpetuating factor. </p> http://www.painfunstore.com/trigger-point-therapy-for-headaches-migraines-your-self-treatment-workbook-for-pain-relief.html Mindfulness Meditation for Pain Relief http://www.painfunstore.com/mindfulness-meditation-for-pain-relief.html Mindfulness Meditation for Pain Relief http://www.painfunstore.com/mindfulness-meditation-for-pain-relief.html Stop Back Pain Now! http://www.painfunstore.com/stop-back-pain-now.html STOP BACK PAIN NOW!In this innovative new video noted back-pain expert Dr. Irene Lamberti offers her breakthrough methods for relieving rehabilitating and preventing back neck and shoulder pain. With practical advice easy-to-follow exercises and carefully designed movements this program provides simple effective solutions to your pain.Stopping Back Pain Is As Simple As Everyday Back-Training and Movement Education Learn how to sit lift walk and bend the right way Household dos and don ts Stress-less work-and-play advice Sexual intimacy without back painRehabilitative Stretching and Strengthening Exercises Repeatable stretch n strengthen exercises for the neck mid- and lower back Designed for daily workouts or as little as four times a week Graduated difficulty so you can build at your own pace Provides essential muscle development for rehabilitation and prevention.Dr. Lamberti is a nationally recognized back-care specialist author and lecturer. Her clients include California Pacific Medical Center the Woman s Sports Foundation and thousands of people now free from back pain. Dr. Lamberti is also co-founder of the Spectrum Chiropractic Center and the Sports Research Institute of Corte Madera California.Special Features: Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround Sound Interactive Full Motion Menus Chapter Selections Reflexology Chart (Left Foot) Reflexology Chart (Right Foot) Photo Gallery TrailersSystem Requirements: Running Time 50 MinFormat: DVD MOVIE Genre:MISCELLANEOUS/SPECIAL INTEREST Rating:NR UPC:743452102129 Manufacturer No:GH1021 http://www.painfunstore.com/stop-back-pain-now.html Chest Pain Powerpoint Templates - Chest Pain Powerpoint (PPT) Presentation http://www.painfunstore.com/chest-pain-powerpoint-templates-chest-pain-powerpoint-ppt-presentation.html Download Chest Pain PowerPoint templates and make your PowerPoint presentation attractive.The Chest Pain ppt template is just amazing.Other than this we have exclusive PowerPoint templates with a fabulous PowerPoint slides for Chest Pain PowerPoint presentations.Each Chest Pain ppt template is designed by professionals and every PowerPoint template is attractive.With the help of this Chest Pain PowerPoint template you can make a good PowerPoint slide. Chest Pain PowerPoint template is compatible on all versions of Microsoft office.Customize the PowerPoint template in the way you want. Chest Pain ppt templates are editable PowerPoint slides. http://www.painfunstore.com/chest-pain-powerpoint-templates-chest-pain-powerpoint-ppt-presentation.html Good Grief: Turning the Showers of Disappointment and Pain into Sunshine http://www.painfunstore.com/good-grief-turning-the-showers-of-disappointment-and-pain-into-sunshine.html Granger Westberg's gentle wisdom and acute insight into human nature helps grievers understand the ten identifiable stages of grief. Whether grieving a death or divorce, job loss or disappointment, everyone must move through these stages, and we are changed by the experience. Faith makes a difference during these times. http://www.painfunstore.com/good-grief-turning-the-showers-of-disappointment-and-pain-into-sunshine.html Pain Is Good Pain Is Good #218 Salsa (Economy Case Pack) 15.5 Oz Jar (Pack of 6) http://www.painfunstore.com/pain-is-good-pain-is-good-218-salsa-economy-case-pack-15.html Pain Is Good Pain Is Good #218 Salsa (Economy Case Pack) 15.5 Oz Jar (Pack of 6) http://www.painfunstore.com/pain-is-good-pain-is-good-218-salsa-economy-case-pack-15.html Animulets Aquamarine (healing quality: pain relief) http://www.painfunstore.com/animulets-aquamarine-healing-quality-pain-relief.html Animulets: Healing Jewelry for Pets & Their People. Let your pets "feel" the energy flow of summer days with animulet crystals. The exquisite gemstones and crystals are not only a beautiful piece of pet jewelry, they bring powerful "New Age" healing properties that influence and balance your pet's chakras. Animulets unites mineral, animal and human worlds to promote awareness of beauty and of one's power to connect through the use of gemstones and crystals. This beautiful product is our way of honoring our animals and all that they give us. Each Animulet is handcrafted with precious and semiprecious gems and sterling silver, 14k gold. or gold filled findings. A sterling silver lobster clasp attaches to the pet's collar ring and is accompanied with a split ring to accommodate any size of collar ring. Healing Qualities: Aquamarine is metaphysically known as a stone of courage and fortitude. It is said to assist with quick intellectual response. It gives peace, and shielding for the aura. Aquamarine is reputed to assist with calming communication issues. Mystical and folk lore states that it is attuned to the sea, and protects travelers on water, and sailors. Aquamarine is associated with the throat chakra. BASE CHAKRA (Red) Physically relates to - legs, feet, base of spine, bones, kidneys If imbalanced - unstable, insecure, hunger/weight gain, constipation, arthritis, spinal tension, knee problems SACRAL (Orange) Physically relates to - reproductive system, skin, spleen, bladder, lower intestines If imbalanced - jealousy, anger and other negative emotions, sexual problems, allergies, bladder SOLAR PLEXUS (Yellow) Physically relates to - stomach, liver, digestion, nerves, muscles, gall bladder If imbalanced - fear, lack confidence, perfectionist, too much intellect, diabetes, ulcers, digestive disorders HEART (Green) Physically relates to - heart, circulation, arms, hands, blood If imbalanced - emotionally unstable, inability to http://www.painfunstore.com/animulets-aquamarine-healing-quality-pain-relief.html Dangerhouse, Vol. 2: Give Me A Little Pain! http://www.painfunstore.com/dangerhouse-vol.html Awesome 14 track punk compilation featuring tracks from The Alleycats, Eyes, Weirdos, Black Randy, Bags, Rhino 39, The Avengers, The Randoms & The Dils. 1992. http://www.painfunstore.com/dangerhouse-vol.html Trendmasters 1996 Battlestar Galactica 6-1/2 Inch Tall Action Figure - Reptilian Cylon Imperious Leader with Poseable Wings, Double Firing Missile Blaster Staff and Removable Mask of Pain http://www.painfunstore.com/trendmasters-1996-battlestar-galactica-6-1-2-inch-tall-action-figure-reptilian-cylon-imperious-leader-with-poseable-wings-double-firing-missile-blaster-staff-and-removable-mask-of-pain.html In the farthest corners of the galaxy, the thousand-year war rages on. In a battle of right against might, the elite Blue Squadron takes on the treacherous Cylon attackers in a clash of cosmic proportions. Join the heroic Colonial Warriors as they blast through the dreaded Cylon starfleet. It's the ultimate galactic adventure! http://www.painfunstore.com/trendmasters-1996-battlestar-galactica-6-1-2-inch-tall-action-figure-reptilian-cylon-imperious-leader-with-poseable-wings-double-firing-missile-blaster-staff-and-removable-mask-of-pain.html Beautyko Forever Back Pain Relief System FDA cleared http://www.painfunstore.com/beautyko-forever-back-pain-relief-system-fda-cleared.html JUST PUT IT ON AND THE PAIN IS GONE! Say goodbye to back pain! Electronic Back Pain Relief System. FDA cleared. Forever Back Pain Relief System uses T.E.N.S. technology to alleviate pain associated with sore and aching muscles in the lower back due to strain from exercise and normal household or work activities. Forever Back has been cleared by the FDA. It is the first device of it's kind to be cleared by the FDA to use the word "pain" to market the device. http://www.painfunstore.com/beautyko-forever-back-pain-relief-system-fda-cleared.html Lance Armstrong - Pain Is Temporary 12x18 Poster http://www.painfunstore.com/lance-armstrong-pain-is-temporary-12x18-poster.html Lance Armstrong - Pain Is Temporary 12x18 Poster http://www.painfunstore.com/lance-armstrong-pain-is-temporary-12x18-poster.html Sister Wendy - The Complete Collection (Story of Painting / Grand Tour / Odyssey / Pains of Glass) http://www.painfunstore.com/sister-wendy-the-complete-collection-story-of-painting-grand-tour-odyssey-pains-of-glass.html Sister Wendy Beckett has transformed public appreciation of art through her astonishing knowledge, insight and passion for painting and painters. Join her on a trip across the world and through the ages, where her contemplative insights and unorthodox enthusiasm bring the world's great art to life. Contains Sister Wendy's Story of Painting, Sister Wendy's Odyssey, and Sister Wendy's Grand Tour. http://www.painfunstore.com/sister-wendy-the-complete-collection-story-of-painting-grand-tour-odyssey-pains-of-glass.html Baby Teething Remedies (11ml) Infant Teething Pain Treatment http://www.painfunstore.com/baby-teething-remedies-11ml-infant-teething-pain-treatment.html Heal Teething is an all natural essential formula designed to soothe and reduce pain and symptoms involved with baby teething. http://www.painfunstore.com/baby-teething-remedies-11ml-infant-teething-pain-treatment.html Yoga Wisdom for Back Pain & Tight Hips http://www.painfunstore.com/yoga-wisdom-for-back-pain-tight-hips.html Workout includes an energizing prewarm-up, a standing warm-up, muscle firming, and lengthening mat work, a 6-minute deep abdominal workout that tightens the abdominals while it strengthens the back, and a restorative section with relaxation. http://www.painfunstore.com/yoga-wisdom-for-back-pain-tight-hips.html Pleasure & Pain XXXRated Hot Sauce, 5 fl oz http://www.painfunstore.com/pleasure-pain-xxxrated-hot-sauce-5-fl-oz.html The XXX rated hot sauce with cayenne pepper. http://www.painfunstore.com/pleasure-pain-xxxrated-hot-sauce-5-fl-oz.html Liangong In 18 Forms 2 Pain Relief http://www.painfunstore.com/liangong-in-18-forms-2-pain-relief.html Liangong In 18 Forms 2 Pain Relief http://www.painfunstore.com/liangong-in-18-forms-2-pain-relief.html Naruto Path of Pain Booster Box (Bandai) http://www.painfunstore.com/naruto-path-of-pain-booster-box-bandai.html Path of Pain introduces over 100 new cards to the Naruto CCG. The set chronicles the introduction of Pain and the different bodies of Pain such as Animal Path, Deva Path, and Preta Path. Deidara and his various Jutsus also make an appearance in the set. A new mechanic called 'Sacrifice' creates new decks for experienced Naruto players. 24 packs per boxEach pack includes 10 cards - 1 Holographic Foil card, 1 rainbow-stamped rare card, 2 uncommon cards, and 6 common cards. Super-Rare Gold-Holographic Foil Inserts are found 1:6 packs on average.Path of Pain is the nineteenth release for the Naruto CCG. http://www.painfunstore.com/naruto-path-of-pain-booster-box-bandai.html Magdalena Kozená - Love Songs (Dvorak, Janacek, Martinu) http://www.painfunstore.com/magdalena-kozen-love-songs-dvorak-janacek-martinu.html The composers Antonn Dvork, Leos Jancek, and Bohuslav Martinu might not be the names that first spring to mind when love songs are mentioned, yet this fascinating collection gives us a taste of what delights we have been missing. They range from seven Moravian folk songs, collected by Jancek at the turn of the century, to songs written by Martinu in the U.S. in 1942. There's also early Martinu--including songs he collected in Slovakia in 1920--plus the world-premiere recording of <I>Songs for a Friend of My Country</I>, a cycle he wrote in France in 1940 on his way to America. All of these songs are of interest in giving us another aspect of each composer's work; most have much more to offer. Many are achingly lovely, especially those by Dvork--including his Op. 2, a reworking of four songs from a cycle he had written almost 20 years earlier, and <I>Love Songs</I>, a revision of eight songs from the same cycle. "Good night, my darling," from his 1886 cycle <I>In Folk Tone</I>, is worth the price of this CD alone. Czech mezzo Magdalena Kozen, who put together the program, sings with pure, attractive tone. Graham Johnson is her excellent accompanist. <I>--Richard Fawkes</I> http://www.painfunstore.com/magdalena-kozen-love-songs-dvorak-janacek-martinu.html Pangia Golf Skirt Pain Mini Figure - Hana http://www.painfunstore.com/pangia-golf-skirt-pain-mini-figure-hana.html Mini figure of a character from the hit Nintendo Wii Golf Game. Figure is about 3" (8 cm) in size. Minimal assembly required. Import product with Japanese text insert. packaged in a clear plastic bag. http://www.painfunstore.com/pangia-golf-skirt-pain-mini-figure-hana.html Reversing Chronic Pain: The Pain-Free Program to Find Peace in the Storm With Self Hypnosis & Sound http://www.painfunstore.com/reversing-chronic-pain-the-pain-free-program-to-find-peace-in-the-storm-with-self-hypnosis-sound.html This comprehensive sound therapy and self hypnosis program utilizes sound frequencies to calm brainwave activity, and ease chronic pain. This CD includes two programs in one; a self hypnosis program to teach you techniques to stop pain, with a binaural beat sound therapy background to actually ease the pain with frequencies reputed to stimulate endorphins.<p>Dr. Jane Ma'ati Smith C.Hyp. Msc.D. studied for her Bachelor of Arts degree at Arizona State University, and received a Doctorate in Metaphysical Science and Spiritual Counseling. She is a graduate of the Hypnosis Motivation Institute, and studied with Dr. John Kappas. She is also a Qualified Mental Health Practitioner, a Vibrational Reiki Master and a Sound Energy Healer.<p><i>This product is manufactured on demand using CD-R recordable media. Amazon.com's standard return policy will apply.</i> http://www.painfunstore.com/reversing-chronic-pain-the-pain-free-program-to-find-peace-in-the-storm-with-self-hypnosis-sound.html Growning Pains (Kids Club) [VHS] http://www.painfunstore.com/growning-pains-kids-club-vhs.html Growning Pains (Kids Club) [VHS] http://www.painfunstore.com/growning-pains-kids-club-vhs.html The Egoscue Method of Health Through Motion : A Revolutionary Program of Stretching and Strengthening Exercises for a Pain-Free Life That Lets You re http://www.painfunstore.com/the-egoscue-method-of-health-through-motion-a-revolutionary-program-of-stretching-and-strengthening-exercises-for-a-pain-free-life-that-lets-you-re.html In this audio presentation, world famous pain management expert Dr. Egoscue shares how you can reduce or eliminate arthritis and joint pain, chronic pain, and back/muscle relief. Egoscue examines three common "conditions" of misalignment, and offers simple exercises designed to strengthen the relevant muscles to repair the problem. Anthony Robbins says: "Pete Egoscue offers you the opportunity to take control of your physical well-being for life. Read this book, but more importantly, use it!". And when championship golfer Jack Nicklaus began having arthritis problems, he used the Egoscue method to get back on his feet, and said: "Peter Escogue totally changed my life!" http://www.painfunstore.com/the-egoscue-method-of-health-through-motion-a-revolutionary-program-of-stretching-and-strengthening-exercises-for-a-pain-free-life-that-lets-you-re.html Opium for the Masses: Harvesting Nature's Best Pain Medication (Feral House) http://www.painfunstore.com/opium-for-the-masses-harvesting-nature-s-best-pain-medication-feral-house.html <DIV><p>"Contrary to general belief, there is no federal law against growing P. somniferum."<i>Martha Stewart Living</i></p><p>"Regarded as 'God's own medicine,' preparations of opium were as common in the Victorian medicine cabinet as aspirin is in ours. As late as 1915, pamphlets issued by the U.S. Department of Agriculture were still mentioning opium poppies as a good cash crop for northern farmers. Well into this century, Russian, Greek, and Arab immigrants in America have used poppy-head tea as a mild sedative and a remedy for headaches, muscle pain, cough, and diarrhea. During the Civil War, gardeners in the South were encouraged to plant opium for the war effort, in order to ensure a supply of painkillers for the Confederate Army. What Hogshire has done is to excavate this vernacular knowledge and then publish it to the worldin how-to form, with recipes." Michael Pollan</p><p>First published fifteen years ago, <i>Opium for the Masses</i> instantly became a national phenomenon. Michael Pollan wrote a lengthy feature ("Opium, made easy") about Jim Hogshire in <i>Harpers Magazine</i>, amazed that the common plant, P. somniferum, or opium poppies, which grows wild in many states and is available at crafts and hobby stores and nurseries, could also be made into a drinkable tea that acts in a way similar to codeine or Vicodin.</p><p>With <i>Opium for the Masses</i> as their guide, Americans can learn how to supplement their own medicine chest with natural and legal pain medicine, without costly and difficult trips to the doctor and pharmacy.</p></DIV> http://www.painfunstore.com/opium-for-the-masses-harvesting-nature-s-best-pain-medication-feral-house.html Requiem from the Darkness - Pain of the Damned (Vol. 3) http://www.painfunstore.com/requiem-from-the-darkness-pain-of-the-damned-vol.html Momosuke visits his brother, only to find a murder mystery underway . . . a man has been killed in a rare manner. Ogin then faces her mother's killer, who has been dying and coming back to life, over and over again, terrorizing the local townspeople. After they are confronted by a formidable spectre, the group is charged with finding a lost bride. But the situation is more complex than they first thought and people are not who they seem! http://www.painfunstore.com/requiem-from-the-darkness-pain-of-the-damned-vol.html Bob Marley (No Pain) Music Poster Print - 12x36 Poster Print, 36x12 http://www.painfunstore.com/bob-marley-no-pain-music-poster-print-12x36-poster-print-36x12.html <P>Decorate your home or office with high quality posters. Bob Marley (No Pain) Music Poster Print - 12x36 is that perfect piece that matches your style, interests, and budget. http://www.painfunstore.com/bob-marley-no-pain-music-poster-print-12x36-poster-print-36x12.html Pain Is Good Honey Cayenne Mustard Sauce, Batch #164, 3.75-Ounce Bottle (Pack of 6) http://www.painfunstore.com/pain-is-good-honey-cayenne-mustard-sauce-batch-164-3.html 100% natural. 900-1250 Scovilles. The mustard seed has meant many things through time. The humble seed has been presented as a lover's gift and found it's way to the healing arts, so rich and full is its history. A 3000 year history is yours with the comi http://www.painfunstore.com/pain-is-good-honey-cayenne-mustard-sauce-batch-164-3.html Pain Is Good Pig #114 Jamai Pineapples Sals (Economy Case Pack) 15.5 Oz Jar (Pack of 6) http://www.painfunstore.com/pain-is-good-pig-114-jamai-pineapples-sals-economy-case-pack-15.html Pain Is Good Pig #114 Jamai Pineapples Sals (Economy Case Pack) 15.5 Oz Jar (Pack of 6) http://www.painfunstore.com/pain-is-good-pig-114-jamai-pineapples-sals-economy-case-pack-15.html Love & Pain (Chi) http://www.painfunstore.com/love-pain-chi.html UK version with bonus tracks. Eamon is no stranger to success around the world. "I Don't Want You Back" in the U.S. spent nine weeks at No. 1 on Billboard Hot 100 Singles Sales and hit the top 10 at both top 40 and rhythmic radio in 2003. The song sold 4 million singles worldwide and the accompanying debut album, "I Don't Want You Back," was certified gold. Overseas, the story grew even bigger. Eamon's message wowed the world, scoring gold or platinum status in Italy, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, Austria, Belgium, Germany, Norway and Switzerland. In Europe, he received the Festival Bar award in 2004 as the most successful international artist of the year. According to top40-charts.com, Eamon had the most-played song of the year, based on a worldwide sample of 2,650 top 40 playlist charts throughout 2004. Now he is back with the infectious "How Could You (Bring Me Home)", to be released August 13th, and is set to storm the charts once again. http://www.painfunstore.com/love-pain-chi.html Himani Fast Relief Herbal Pain relief Ointment http://www.painfunstore.com/himani-fast-relief-herbal-pain-relief-ointment.html Himani Fast Relief Herbal Pain Relief Ointment http://www.painfunstore.com/himani-fast-relief-herbal-pain-relief-ointment.html The Et Pain D' Epices Candle http://www.painfunstore.com/the-et-pain-d-epices-candle.html The Et Pain D' Epices Candle http://www.painfunstore.com/the-et-pain-d-epices-candle.html Splash Out Pain Ball-0on and Color Reload Pack http://www.painfunstore.com/splash-out-pain-ball-0on-and-color-reload-pack.html New and in original packaging. Ships fast with tracking number and signature confirmation. http://www.painfunstore.com/splash-out-pain-ball-0on-and-color-reload-pack.html Alera Products - Alera - Nico Mid-Back Swivel/Tilt Chair, Black - Sold As 1 Each - Lumbar support helps alleviate back pain. - Tufted cushions provide all day comfort. - Black padded polyurethane loop arms. - Height/tilt controls. - Five-star base with ho http://www.painfunstore.com/tilt-controls-five-star-base-with-hooded-casters.html <B>Alera - Nico Mid-Back Swivel/Tilt Chair, Black - Sold As 1 Each</B><BR><BR>Black Caresoft upholstery with the look and feel of top-grain leather. Tufted cushions, lumbar support and padded arms to provide all day comfort. Black padded polyurethane loop arms. Pneumatic seat height adjustment. 360 swivel. Knee-tilt, tilt tension and tilt lock controls. Seat/Back Color(s): Black; Features & Functions: 360 Swivel; Knee Tilt; Multi-Task Control; Pneumatic Seat Height Adjustment; Tilt Lock; Tilt Tension; Arms Included: Yes; Recommended Applications: N/A.<BR><LI>Lumbar support helps alleviate back pain.<LI>Tufted cushions provide all day comfort.<LI>Black padded polyurethane loop arms.<LI>Height/tilt controls.<LI>Five-star base with hooded casters.<BR><BR> http://www.painfunstore.com/tilt-controls-five-star-base-with-hooded-casters.html Postal 2: Share the Pain (Mac) http://www.painfunstore.com/postal-2-share-the-pain-mac.html Postal 2: Share the Pain (Mac) http://www.painfunstore.com/postal-2-share-the-pain-mac.html Elbow Pain Advanced Exercises [VHS] http://www.painfunstore.com/elbow-pain-advanced-exercises-vhs.html Elbow Pain Advanced Exercises - Part 3 of the Video Comprehensive Rehabilitation Exercise Series for Elbow Pain Rehabilitation. This series helps each person develop their own rehab/exercise routine at home. Depending upon your current level of activity, you will find a starting point that meets your individual performance level. The levels for each series are Gentle, Intermediate, Advanced and some have Strengthening. The Advanced exercises has been found to be beneficial for those who have already have good strength and mobility with little pain, and will help strengthen the joint capsule and surrounding muscles. Get Moving To Get Better is our motto on these tapes, and the sooner you start, the better chances you have to prevent adhesions, promote agility of joints, decrease incompacitation, and help promote and maintain an active low back anti-aging prevention program. The VCR Exercise Series was developed for professionals such as Physicians, Chiropractors, and Physical Therapists to prescribe to their patients as a way for them to do rehab exercises at home, to ensure a speedy recovery. Over 100 exercises that have been used over the years for strengthening and rehab were reviewed by a Rehabilitation specialist, and with patient feedback we have selected the best exercises to strengthen the injured area to maximum function and help prevent further injury. The VCR Series can save you thousands of dollars in costly Medical Rehabilitation, and has only recently been made available for direct purchase to the public. Physician supervision is recommended for all exercises in the series. Other tapes available in the VCR Series are Low Back, Neck, Shoulder, Elbow, Hand/Wrist, Hip, Knee, and Foot/Ankle. http://www.painfunstore.com/elbow-pain-advanced-exercises-vhs.html PAIN: Muffy Character [Online Game Code - Game Add-on] http://www.painfunstore.com/pain-muffy-character-online-game-code-game-add-on.html Gimme a 'P'! Gimme an 'A'! Gimme an 'I'! Gimme an 'N'! What does it spell!?!?? Umm...Can someone tell me what that spells, please? http://www.painfunstore.com/pain-muffy-character-online-game-code-game-add-on.html 1956 Peter Pain Ben-Gay Radio Station Spots Trade Print Ad http://www.painfunstore.com/1956-peter-pain-ben-gay-radio-station-spots-trade-print-ad.html An original vintage magazine ad print from the year published. Print ads make unique gift items that can be framed as artwork. Shipped flat un-framed in plastic sleeve with backing board. http://www.painfunstore.com/1956-peter-pain-ben-gay-radio-station-spots-trade-print-ad.html Acupuncture Mat | Acupressure Back Pain Relief | (nail bed or spike mat) (Green) http://www.painfunstore.com/acupuncture-mat-acupressure-back-pain-relief-nail-bed-or-spike-mat-green.html The Nayoya Mat uses the benefits of acupuncture to help the body repair itself, and heal itself from all kinds of stress such as back pain, fatigue, insomnia, high blood pressure, and muscular soreness. The Acupuncture points on the mat stimulate the body to release endorphins, feel good hormones because they have a calming, soothing effect on the mind and body.The Nayoya mat can help* Reduce pain in back, neck, shoulders, hips and joints* Improve circulation* Supply a deep sense of relaxation* Decrease muscular tension* Increase uptake of oxygen* Improve sleep* Improve digestion* Help with weight loss* Aid in muscle recovery* Build a positive mental outlookthe best back pain relief, back pain treatment, lower back pain treatment available! http://www.painfunstore.com/acupuncture-mat-acupressure-back-pain-relief-nail-bed-or-spike-mat-green.html Jésus Guridi: Piano Works http://www.painfunstore.com/j-sus-guridi-piano-works.html Jsus Guridi: Piano Works http://www.painfunstore.com/j-sus-guridi-piano-works.html Freeze It Advanced Therapy Pain Relief Roll-On http://www.painfunstore.com/freeze-it-advanced-therapy-pain-relief-roll-on.html Product DescriptionCan effectively help relieve pain from- Sore Muscles & Muscle Sprains, Back, Shoulder, Neck Pain, Arthritis, Painful Ankle, Knee, Hip & Elbow Joints, Muscular Strains. http://www.painfunstore.com/freeze-it-advanced-therapy-pain-relief-roll-on.html Hey Baby - Drop It To The Floor (made famous by Pitbull feat T-Pain) http://www.painfunstore.com/hey-baby-drop-it-to-the-floor-made-famous-by-pitbull-feat-t-pain.html Hey Baby - Drop It To The Floor (made famous by Pitbull feat T-Pain) http://www.painfunstore.com/hey-baby-drop-it-to-the-floor-made-famous-by-pitbull-feat-t-pain.html Solay Essentials Pain Relief Bath Soak http://www.painfunstore.com/solay-essentials-pain-relief-bath-soak.html Hydrotherapy and warm salt baths have been relieving chronic pain since ancient times. Highly restorative, our formula features pure Himalayan crystal salt, prized for its mineral content, purifying apple cider vinegar and baking soda, antioxidant-rich green tea extract and therapeutic essential oils known for their anti-inflammatory properties. Blended by hand in small batches for relaxation and recovery.Our Solay essentials are passionately made by Dana, a mother and so much more, who has lovingly handcrafted natural remedies for her family for over a decade. http://www.painfunstore.com/solay-essentials-pain-relief-bath-soak.html Circle of Pain http://www.painfunstore.com/circle-of-pain.html Following a fighting accident, Dalton Hunt retired from the world of mixed martial arts at the top of his game. Unable to outrun his guilt, he lost his family, his title, and his way. But when a crooked promoter lures him back into a fight against the current undefeated champ, Dalton must enlist the aid of an enigmatic trainer to turn him back into a warrior so he can stand tall and do battle once again. http://www.painfunstore.com/circle-of-pain.html Take Back Control of Your Arthritis Using Prayer and Spirituality to Control Your Pain [VHS] http://www.painfunstore.com/take-back-control-of-your-arthritis-using-prayer-and-spirituality-to-control-your-pain-vhs.html Take Back Control of Your Arthritis Using Prayer and Spirituality to Control Your Pain [VHS] http://www.painfunstore.com/take-back-control-of-your-arthritis-using-prayer-and-spirituality-to-control-your-pain-vhs.html Hellraiser I Am Pain Sticker S-2217 http://www.painfunstore.com/hellraiser-i-am-pain-sticker-s-2217.html <BR>The Hellraiser sticker is an officially licensed sticker.<BR> http://www.painfunstore.com/hellraiser-i-am-pain-sticker-s-2217.html Diana Montague Sings Great Operatic Arias, Vol. 2 http://www.painfunstore.com/diana-montague-sings-great-operatic-arias-vol.html Diana Montague Sings Great Operatic Arias, Vol. 2 http://www.painfunstore.com/diana-montague-sings-great-operatic-arias-vol.html Introduction to Neuropathic Pain Assessment and Examination [VHS] http://www.painfunstore.com/introduction-to-neuropathic-pain-assessment-and-examination-vhs.html Introduction to Neuropathic Pain Assessment is a 40-minute instructional video that introduces the concept of pain resulting from nerve disease and dysfunction and demonstrates symptoms and signs that define these syndromes. The video consists of three parts:oPart I: What is Neuropathic Pain? introduces the concept of neuropathic pain, definitions, and concepts of various sensory symptoms and phenomena. Explanations are given for terms that will be used in this teaching program, such as allodynia, hyperalgesia, hyperpathia, paresthesias, numbness, and summation. oPart II: Examination of Patients with Neuropathic Pain demonstrates history taking and physical examination of three patients with painful neuropathic disorders, with an emphasis on demonstrating common symptoms and signs of neuropathic pain syndrome and summarizing findings.oPart III: Pain Assessment, Physical Examination, and Diagnostic Decision Making discusses elements of pain and symptom assessment and relates these processes to the basic and standard procedure used in the history of present illness in general and the diagnostic decision-making process. http://www.painfunstore.com/introduction-to-neuropathic-pain-assessment-and-examination-vhs.html Healing Back Pain Naturally: The Mind-Body Program Proven to Work http://www.painfunstore.com/healing-back-pain-naturally-the-mind-body-program-proven-to-work.html <P> Dr. Art Brownstein suffered back pain for twenty agonizing years. Now he shares the cure that worked for him and thousands of others: his revolutionary Back to Life Program. <P> Sharing his own story of surgery, painkiller dependency, and severe depression, Dr. Brownstein guides you through the recovery program that gave him his life back. Today, he runs a medical practice, bikes, surfboards, teaches yoga, and leads an active life -- free of pain! http://www.painfunstore.com/healing-back-pain-naturally-the-mind-body-program-proven-to-work.html Pain to Kill http://www.painfunstore.com/pain-to-kill.html Australian exclusive tour edition of the country act's 2003 album features 22 tracks including a bonus disc that offers a sampling of her earlier albums with ten extra tracks, 'Better Things To Do', 'When Boy Meets Girl', 'If I Were You', 'Emotional Girl' http://www.painfunstore.com/pain-to-kill.html Brave Hearts: Extraordinary Stories of Pride, Pain, and Courage http://www.painfunstore.com/brave-hearts-extraordinary-stories-of-pride-pain-and-courage.html Brave Hearts takes you inside the hearts and minds of fifteen police officers as they go about their difficult task of protecting the people from harm. Whether they are gathering intelligence to stop another terrorist attack, crawling through the rubble of the World Trade Center towers looking desperately for survivors, working undercover to get illegal weapons and drugs off the streets, tracking a serial murderer, ending a gun battle, or mediating a domestic dispute, the men and women in these pages give new life to the meaning of heroic. The author s unusual access to the people who work in this insular and isolated profession enables the reader to take a unique voyage into the trenches of the law enforcement world. No one in this book escapes the common psychological and physical toll the job demands from people who routinely commit breathtaking acts of bravery to apprehend a criminal or protect an innocent person from crime. Ultimately, these stories are about people who have chosen a life of service. They have devoted themselves to something larger than themselves, to an idea that they have to do something that gives back with their lives. Lives of meaning and commitment. And despite the constant exposure to life s dark side, the injuries, time away from their families, vagaries of shift work, and so on, they all view that law enforcement work was a privilege and a job they were lucky to have. Read Brave hearts from beginning to end. You will never look at police officers the same way again. http://www.painfunstore.com/brave-hearts-extraordinary-stories-of-pride-pain-and-courage.html How to Deal With Back Pain and Rheumatoid Joint Pain http://www.painfunstore.com/how-to-deal-with-back-pain-and-rheumatoid-joint-pain.html How to Deal with Back Pain and Rheumatoid Joint Pain is a practical manual based on the author's many years of research and numerous clinical observations. The book introduces a new medical technology to treat and prevent back pain and rheumatoid joint pain. <P>* Learn the vital information on the mechanics behind your spinal column, the role of the disc and its needs for water. <P>* Learn the simple body movement that will promote fluid circulation in the disc spaces that will result in relief of the back pain and sciatic pain. <P>* It is simple, safe and inexpensive. Don't hate yourself for missing out on this information. http://www.painfunstore.com/how-to-deal-with-back-pain-and-rheumatoid-joint-pain.html ArthriEze+ Pain Relief for Horses http://www.painfunstore.com/arthrieze-pain-relief-for-horses.html Is recommended for arthritis, lameness, chronic joint problems and pain in horses. It is safe, effective contains specially treated aspirin that is buffered to reduce the potential for gastric irritation and microencapsulated to mask odor which improves palatability. Apple flavor. http://www.painfunstore.com/arthrieze-pain-relief-for-horses.html AGELESS MOBILITY: Pain-Free Wellness For Longevity http://www.painfunstore.com/ageless-mobility-pain-free-wellness-for-longevity.html Ageless Mobility is an easy-to-learn, follow-along, low-impact, immediately effective movement program involving a scientific blend of dynamic mobility combined with simple flowing yoga. Ageless Mobility gives you pain-free quality of life, and the ability to move gracefully, effortlessly and play without the dreaded 'day after pain.' Ageless Mobility is a program from the Circular Strength Training System, a scientific 3 winged system of prehab now so you don t have to rehab later. This program is designed in a genetically-programmed sequence of movements, lubricating each joint, one after another, until the entire body becomes fully flushed with nutrition. Most people suffer through their lives literally starved for this kind of critical movement! Once each joint is well oiled and ready to move, then soft, flowing yoga movements, easily learned, release the body of chains of tension. This specific process helps prevent daily aches and pains while helping abate the onset of shoulder bursitis, elbow tendonitis, carpal tunnel syndrome, neck and lower back disc herniation, hip, knee and ankle strain. The simple breathing exercises incorporated into the program manage stress at a biochemical level, while at the same time increasing core strength and helping gastrointestinal health. The Ageless Mobility program can be performed once or twice a week for 45 minutes and still impart 100% of the medical benefits of the exercise. In the time that most people channel surf throughout the day, any Boomer, anyone of any age for that matter, can again have that energetic zeal of pain-free mobility wellness! You're as young as your joints! BONUS PROGRAMS: X10D Golf-Pro and Tennis-Pro In these bonus programs, you will learn the genetically-programmed sequence of how to flush your connective tissue with crucial nutrition which not only "extends" the pain-free power and injury-free stamina of your game, but increases your energy and slows the aging process. We are literall http://www.painfunstore.com/ageless-mobility-pain-free-wellness-for-longevity.html Devin Dehaven Presents: Streets of Pain http://www.painfunstore.com/devin-dehaven-presents-streets-of-pain.html Devin Dehaven Presents: Streets of Pain http://www.painfunstore.com/devin-dehaven-presents-streets-of-pain.html Absorbine Jr. Pain Relief Patch, 6 patches http://www.painfunstore.com/absorbine-jr.html Absorbine Jr. Pain Relief Patch, 6 patches http://www.painfunstore.com/absorbine-jr.html